Blank Board Games to Print

Stacy Zeiger
Printable board game

Blank board games allow you to create a board game of your own or play a simple board game on the fly. As a teacher, you may use them to help students review important content. As a parent, download these templates to come up with a creative family game or help your children come up with creative ideas for new games. Use coins and pieces of paper or small plastic figurines as playing pieces and find a pair of dice, or make your own spinner to help players move around the board.

Board Game Templates

Blank board games come in multiple formats. Look for one that meets your playing needs or that fits your favorite style of board game. Try one of these free templates to get your game started! If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Windy Board Game

A windy board game has a starting point and an ending point, but features two paths for players to get to the end. As players get around the bottom curves and near the end, you can design a game that sends them back to the beginning of the windy path. Use the triangle at the board as an extra obstacle. For example, if a player rolls a 6 at the start of the game, he must go to the triangle and can only move on his next turn if he rolls an even number.

Other ideas for this board:

  • Make it a two-player game and assign each player one of the rows to start on. Institute challenges when the two players cross paths.
  • Turn it into a game with a travel theme and add detour spaces and travel-related instructions, such as "Stop at a red light," "Lose a turn" or "dead end" to the squares.
  • Since the game is unique in style, designate special squares that allow players to morph to another special square when they land on them.

Square Board Game

The square board game has the feel of a traditional board game as pieces move around the board from square to square. It features places for cards to turn it into a game with special cards for game play or for adding questions to use as part of a review game.

Turn each card pile into a different topic and create color-coded cards with questions or instructions related to those topics. Color in the squares to match the cards. When a player lands on a square, she draws the correct color of card and answers a question or performs a task. Have players collect cards as they travel around the board and end the game when the player has a set amount of cards.

For another idea, place a deck of playing cards in the middle of the game board. Use the playing cards instead of dice to tell players how many spaces to move. Add up the number of spaces each player moves and declare the winner to be the first player to get to a certain number, say 100.

Snaky Board Game

A snaky board game is also like a traditional board game. Create a game that sends players on a detour just as they are about to reach the end or reward players with a shortcut for playing the game well.

Other ideas:

  • Create spaces to the board to have players go back a space, move forward a space or change places with another player.
  • Start players from both ends of the game board and use the shortcut across the board as a way for them to pass one another to get to the finish line.
  • Write math problems on the spaces and have players answer them correctly to move forward.
  • Give the board a theme such as a historical event or a popular TV show and include events and scenarios on the spaces along with rewards or consequences related to those scenarios.

Random Board Game

The random board game is ideal if you want a tricky board game. The arrows make it difficult for players to reach the end, but could also work to a player's advantage. Design some cards that use the arrows to send players back or forward or help them chase pieces around the board. Allow players to take shortcuts to pass other players or create cards with trivia questions that players must answer correctly to take advantage of or avoid the shortcuts and setbacks.

Creating a Game

Whether you want to create an educational game or a game just for fun, the possibilities are endless with these blank board games to print. All you need for your board game is a theme and an objective. From there you just need a few playing pieces and a way to determine how players move around the board. Once you print these board games, you can further customize them by coloring spaces, writing in directions or adding more spaces and creating cards to add to the game. Whatever your vision is, you can make it happen with these printable templates.

Blank Board Games to Print