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Stacy Zeiger
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Since it took off in 1952, lexophiles all over the world have been challenging friends to games of Scrabble. While nothing beats the real game, online versions of Scrabble come close and still allow you to demonstrate your vocabulary prowess. There are lots of copycat games on the Web but to truly enjoy the tile-based spelling game, you need to stick to the original Scrabble and the rules you already know.

Where to Play Scrabble Online


Pogo's version of Scrabble has the look of the classic game. You may choose to start a game as a guest player or register as a free user to play against others, track your scores and earn tokens. If you are stumped during the game you can use the hint option to come up with suggestions for moves. The definition option helps you check if potential plays are legitimate and look up challenging words your opponent may play. The two-letter word list is also included right next to the game board for when you need a quick play.


While not an officially sanctioned version, Quadplex's Scrabble board features the same bonus tiles and it also uses the same scoring system and dictionary. You can play without registering or register to get rid of the ads, get your own rating and have the option to play against computer opponents. After joining the game, you click "autostart" and the system will automatically find you an opponent to begin a game with.

Internet Scrabble Club

Serious players of Scrabble will want to try out the Internet Scrabble Club. Once you register and download the club's interface to connect to the server, you can begin to observe games or play Scrabble against players all over the world. Players are given ratings for games and have the opportunity to move up in level as they play and win games.

Words with Friends

Zynga's Words with Friends plays similarly to Scrabble, but many of the letter tiles have different point values, and it uses a different board and bonus tiles. Regardless, the game, which can be played online on Facebook and through free apps on your smartphone or tablet is one of the most popular Scrabble-like electronic games. In Words with Friends, you do not have to play a game all at once. You may play a game with a friend or random opponent over a period of days and fit in moves as you have time. The advantage of this style of play is that you can take your time coming up with words to play, since no one is anxiously waiting for you to finish your turn.

Scrabble Variations

If you want to get a Scrabble fix but do not have a lot of time, you can also play some of these single-player variations of the popular game. No registration is needed at any of these sites, so you can just jump right in and play.

Scrabble Sprint

With Scrabble Sprint you are given a hand of letter tiles and one line of the Scrabble board. Every time you play a word, you get new letter tiles and the board changes. The goal is to play high-scoring words and earn as many points as possible before time runs out.

Scrabble Blast

In Scrabble Blast you start with a board full of letters. Your goal is to create words by connecting adjoining letters. Try to create as many words as possible before time runs out and before the bombs fall to the bottom of the board.

Hasbro Scrabble

Hasbro's version of Scrabble gives you a row of letter tiles and challenges you to make as many words as possible with those letters before time runs out. The game only lasts three minutes and can give you some good practice for what to do with a difficult draw in a traditional game.

Enjoy the Classic Game

Scrabble is a classic word game with simple rules that most people already know how to play. Invite friends to join you in an online game or test your vocabulary skills against players from around the world.

Play Scrabble Online for Free