Senior Years Yahtzee

The offline version of Yahtzee

People who don't have a Yahtzee game of their own or who would like to try playing the classic game online at their convenience can take advantage of Senior Years Yahtzee. This is a computerized version of Yahtzee featured on the website entitled Canadian Senior Years.

Starting a Game

The game is available on the Senior Years webpage in the menu on the left side of the page. Clicking on the word Yahtzee is all it takes to get started. A window will appear with the words Yahtzee Rules at the top. This window will serve as the base for the game. Java software must be installed in order for the game itself to show up below the rules.

Playing a Game

The directions for game play are as follows:

  1. Move the cursor to the roll bar, which is red and says "roll 1" on it. Click once. Five "dice" will appear.
  2. Click on the dice that you would like to re-roll. They will turn red. Leave the dice you want to keep white.
  3. Click on the roll bar again, which will now say "roll 2." The highlighted dice will change to new values.
  4. Click on any dice you would like to re-roll and click on the roll bar, which says "roll 3."
  5. Look at the final configuration of the dice and decide where you want to put your score by looking at the score boxes on the left side of the roll bar.
  6. Roll the mouse over each box. The point value you are eligible for will appear. Click on one to place your score for the roll.
  7. Repeat steps one through six until you complete your game. Your final score will appear below the score boxes, printed in pink.
  8. Click on the green new game box to begin again.

Even with a heavy amount of pondering, the game should only take the average player about 10 minutes at the most.

How Senior Years Yahtzee Is Different

People familiar with regular Yahtzee, even the electronic version, may be a little frustrated with Senior Years Yahtzee for two reasons. First of all, this version can only be played by one player. To compete with one another, two players have to sit side by side on separate machines or use one machine with multiple windows open.

Another problem is that there is no place in the score boxes for a Yahtzee bonus, which occurs when a person gets more than one set of five identical dice in one game. This can cause a player's score to end up substantially lower than it should be. Thus, this game is good for practice but not for heavy competition.

Other Games on Senior Years

The Senior Years site has several other games, in addition to Senior Years Yahtzee, that people of all ages can enjoy. They are featured on the same games menu where people can find the Yahtzee game. Four of these games are:

  • Battleship - Try to sink the computer's ships in a kind of criss cross grid.
  • Box Puzzle - Slide the boxes to put the numbers in the correct order.
  • Pegs - Try to jump the pegs over one another in such a way that there is one remaining.
  • Connect 4 - Play against another person in a vertical game of tic tac toe.

Other games available are bridge, bubbles, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, rocks, lights out, IQ game and bridges (not to be confused with bridge). IQ game is a very similar game to pegs. Note that Internet Explorer is required for some of these games as well as updated graphics software in some cases.

The Senior Years website can be addictive, so it's best not to visit during work hours, especially when under a tight deadline.

Senior Years Yahtzee