2 Player Card Games to Try Out (Based On Your Gameplay Preference)


When you're looking for something to simple to do to pass the time with a friend or loved one, 2 player card games are a lot of fun. There are many card games to choose from, but the 2 player variety is usually divided into two genres - skill and speed. Depending upon your personality, you may find you prefer one or the other, but most agree that both are a lot of fun.

Skill Based

With skill based card games, you must be able to plot, strategize and bluff your way to the winner's circle. Cribbage is an example of a card game that requires skill over speed and stamina. Cribbage is also a great selection for a player of any age, meaning parents can play it with their children, partners can play it while on vacation, friends can play it at lunchtime, etc. It doesn't matter who you are or how much card playing you have done in the past. In Cribbage it's all about playing until you develop strategies that make you a winner.

Uno is another game that can be played with two people, though it's usually considered a party game. To adjust it to 2-player mode, simply take the Change Direction and Skip A Turn cards and substitute them with a "take another turn" option. Everything else is the same, and you can choose to play best 2 out of 3 or take count of actual scores.

Speed Based

Speed based games can be a bit more challenging and can really rattle the nerves if you aren't used to action packed play. Some people love speed card games, and an equal amount despise them, with very few people falling in between the two extremes.

If you can handle the intensity and suspense of speed games, Double Solitaire is a fun one to try. If you already know how to play regular Solitaire then you're set because the double version is played the same way, only with two decks of cards so both players have a set. You will share the aces with your opponent, and the rest of the rules are the same. Be the last player to get stuck, and you have won the game.

Spit is more high-energy speed game, and it also has the reputation of being quite addictive, which makes it a popular choice for slumber parties, late night game evenings, and other events where you don't have to be anywhere any time soon.

2 Player Card Games Online

Sometimes you don't even need a deck of cards to play cards. Many online game websites allow you to play cards virtually with an opponent - either a real-life friend who is on your game contact list or a virtual buddy who could reside in literally any corner of the globe. Some find camaraderie around those they have not yet met in real life, and it can also make a 2 player game more interesting and sometimes competitive.

Yahoo! Games is one such website that allows you to play against someone else online. Online games can be played at any time in any weather, making it unfortunate for employers who find their addicted employees playing cyber Go Fish during work hours, but also bringing a smile to the face of many who would otherwise not have anyone (or have time) to play with.

Finally, you can create your own 2 player card game simply by using your creativity. Some card games have variant sets of rules because of the way they have evolved while being played by individuals in different regions. You can coin your own version of things, or create an original card game that you can then post online for others to enjoy.

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2 Player Card Games to Try Out (Based On Your Gameplay Preference)