Adult Card Games

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Adult card games can either refer to games that are age appropriate for adults or games that get a high rate of difficulty because they are geared towards those over 18. Find out what games fall under what category below.

Age Appropriate

Adult card games that are age appropriate usually involve intimacy or sexual innuendo. Game under this category typically are for adults over the age of 18 or even 21 since some of the games also involve alcohol.

  • Beer! Card Game. This is an adult card game that is part drinking game and part trivia challenge. The cards let you drink, assign drinks to other plays and even pass out, which is all part of the game. Question cards ask things about kinds of liquor and excuses for not making love.
  • Sex! Card Game lets both partners win the game. With 50 sex position and foreplay cards, couples play to plan a fantasy that they can act out when they play the "Unleash The Fantasy" card. About 100,000 combinations of fantasies are possible when playing this adult card game.
  • The Office Scandal card game lets players compete as co-workers to see who becomes the boss of the workplace. Cards like "use the copier in a dirty way" or "go on a date with the boss's daughter" make this game appropriate for adults or those who work in an office setting.
  • Sexational pits a man and a woman against each other to see who knows more about the other. The questions are provocative and intimate. The more you get right, the more Sexational cards you get, which gives you the ability to have your opponent perform specific tasks, or a "wish" of the one playing the Sexational card.

Any card game that you currently know how to play can be used in a strip fashion. For example, any form of Strip Poker encourages strategy that gets others naked before you. Playing cards aren't the only cards that have to be used. You can play Strip Uno, Strip Phase 10 and even Strip Go Fish! For Uno, when someone wins a hand, they get to choose who takes off an article of clothing. For Go Fish, instead of having someone only Go Fish, the player must also remove an article of clothing.

The important aspect of playing adult card game is to be creative in any of the games you already own. To make it an adult game, you don't necessarily need to make it a strip version; you can also have losers perform tasks similar to the dare in a Truth or Dare game.

High Difficulty Games

For these kinds of games, almost anyone who can understand the instructions can play, but some topics may be more geared towards teenagers or adults.

  • One of the most recognizable adult card game is Battle of the Sexes. In teams of two or more, or even just one-on-one-players, questioned are answered about the opposite sex to see who knows more about the other gender. Obviously, this game is more fun if there are at least one male and one female playing. The game is recommended for ages 12 and older.
  • Fart is a game very similar to Uno, except with cards picturing different types of farts and a "fart machine" that can change the course of the game. The object is to get rid of all your cards first. Appropriate for 14 years or older.
  • The Saucy Charades Game is charades with lots of innuendo. You can make this game as dirty as your mind can make it with charades like "Stuffing the Turkey."

Creating Adult Card Games

As long as you have fun, any card game can be made more adult-themed. Encourage everyone to change the rules in order to modify the game for your purpose. That way, all the adults will want to play the game.

Adult Card Games