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Adult Monopoly Games

Mychelle Blake
four adults playing board game

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games of all times but sometimes adults are looking for a game with a bit more spice. There are several "adult" versions of Monopoly that you and your adult friends can enjoy playing at your next party.

Monopoly Games Featuring Alcohol Themes

Adding a drinking element to a Monopoly game can definitely make it more adult. These games all feature an alcohol theme. You can increase the adult nature and fun of the game by enjoying the alcoholic beverages featured on the game boards and cards.


Cocktail-Opoly is the perfect game for those who enjoy the lure of cocktails with all the flair of a professional bartender. The tokens have a cocktail theme including a seltzer bottle, ice bucket, olive and a martini glass. The game board features different cocktails and their ingredients and bar occurrences like getting stiffed, having a hangover or paying the tab. Instead of houses, players collect ice cubes which are traded in for decanters. The game is great fun at adult parties and since players can learn about the cocktails they purchase from the description on the back of the cocktail's deed card, a fun twist is actually making and drinking the cocktails as part of the gameplay.

  • The game is designed for two to six players aged 21 or older, especially if drinking alcohol is involved.
  • The game has two versions of the rules, one is a one-hour game and the other can go on for much longer.


Brew-Opoly is the game for beer drinkers who always wanted to run their own microbrewery. Instead of properties, the game board features lagers, ales, stouts and pilsners of America's award-winning microbreweries. The player pieces include a bottle top, bottle opener, beer mug, and a pilsner glass. You increase your "property value" by buying brew and kegs for your microbrewery monopolies. As with all Monopoly games, the object is to have the most money at the end of the game.

  • The game is for two to six players ages 21 and up.
  • You can choose traditional play which is longer or a one-hour gameplay version.


If wine's your thing, Wine-Opoly could be the perfect game for your next adult party. Players start by choosing their token (a wine bottle, cork, wine glass, cheese, grapes or a carafe). Players can buy wines (the traditional properties), collect grapes and trade them for decanters. Players who are new to wine can learn while they play if they take advantage of the wine fun facts on the back of each deed card.

  • Wine-Opoly is made for two to six players who are 21 or older.
  • The game comes with rules for traditional play or a shorter one-hour gameplay version.

Monopoly Games Based on Mature Culture and Media

Some themed Monopoly boards are adults only because they are based on popular cultural media or topics that are not for children.

Marvel Deadpool Monopoly

This gameboard is based on the popular and raunchy Marvel superhero Deadpool. Much like the movies, the game is definitely R-rated. The properties on the board are contracts with various mercenaries and instead of houses you build headquarters and D-Mansions. Fans of the movies and comic books will love this fun mashup of Monopoly and Deadpool or as the manufacturer says "like peanut butter and fried trout, it's a perfect match!"

  • The game is designed for two to six players.
  • It's recommended for players 18 and older.

Game of Thrones Monopoly

This version of Monopoly is based on the hugely popular HBO show and like the show, is definitely not for children. The properties on the board are transformed into locations from fabled Westeros and the game pieces are the sigils of the various houses. You build holdfasts and castles instead of houses and hotels and the object of the game is to amass the most wealth and "win" the game of thrones. Fans of the show will also love the miniature Iron Throne card holder that plays the show theme song.

  • Like all Monopoly games, it's designed for two to six players.
  • The game is recommended for players 14 and older although it features mature themes better suited to older teenagers and adults.

Monopoly Games With Sexual Themes

Another way to make a Monopoly game adults-only is adding in a sexual element. Sex Monopoly is designed for consenting adult couples to play together or in a group depending on which version you choose.


In XXXopoly, the Monopoly game board properties are instead a series of different sexual activities from the mild to much more intimate ones. It's definitely a game for couples who already are having a physical relationship (or want to start one!). The game is designed to facilitate foreplay and communication with your partner about sexual needs and desires. As players move along the board, they need to purchase "sexual spaces" to get monopolies, and if you land on an owned space, you must perform that act. An additional feature are "time chips" which you can buy that will increase the amount of time the other player must perform an act, although they can also pay rent on the space to avoid that option.

  • XXXopoly is designed to be played by a couple, although you can certainly can add additional players to the mix.
  • Reviewers on Amazon strongly suggest using the short game version of the rules as the "traditional" rules can make the game too long and drag on.


This game has a similar adult-only theme as XXXopoly but the object of the game is to own an adult business empire. The theme of the game is more adults-oriented than actually involving physical sexual acts. The properties on the board are adult businesses and porn stars and the game cards involve "Risky or Frisky" questions of an intimate nature to drive a mature conversation. Unlike XXXopoly, this game is also designed to be played with several people rather than a couple.

  • Recommended for two to eight players, ages 18 or older.
  • Due to the nature of the question cards, it's a good idea to play this game with friends or family you know well who won't be put off by the adult material.

An Adult Upscale Monopoly

For players who enjoy traditional Monopoly but want a more luxurious version that suits adults more than children, they can consider the Winning Solutions Monopoly Edition. This game sells for a bit over $200 and is an elegant take on the traditional board. The board is set in a wood cabinet with a faux-leather dice rolling area, and the game board is gold-stamped throughout. The game tokens and pieces are plated die cast. All in all, this is a beautiful set that adult fans of classic Monopoly will cherish and will feel proud to show off at their next cocktail party.

Monopoly for Adults

Monopoly has been a beloved classic game for decades but it can get boring, especially for adults. Luckily if you seek more of a challenge, want a gameboard that tackles adult topics like drinking or sex, or just want to have a more refined experience, there's a Monopoly version out there for you and your friends!

Adult Monopoly Games