Adult Monopoly

Roll your way through Monopoly-type games with adult themes.

Looking for an adult monopoly game for your next party? Consider a game that substitutes alcohol for real estate.

Stepping up to Adult Monopoly

Looking to step up your board game experience to a more "adult" game experience? You don't have to play Strip Checkers, Strip Chess or gather your significant other for a relationship-building game with sexual overtones like Embrace.

If you love playing Monopoly, but you are looking for a more "adult" version, consider expanding your real estate acquisition skills into a Monopoly-themed game that is designed for the "over-21" player.

Specialty Monopoly Games

Since 1984, Late for the Sky Production Company, a specialty board game producer, has created and distributed specialty-themed, Monopoly-type games. They pride themselves on developing custom board games around a variety of themes including:

  • Colleges
  • Animals
  • Little kids
  • Gourmet
  • United States cities

For more "adult" titles, some of Late for the Sky's themes involve the finer points of adult beverages.


Cocktail-opoly is the perfect game for those who enjoy the lure of cocktails with all the flair of a professional bartender.

Players have a choice of six tokens:

  • Seltzer bottle
  • Ice bucket
  • Olive
  • Cherry
  • Lemon twist
  • Martini glass

A roll of the dice can put the players in the position to make their next shake or stir decision - do they want to buy a cocktail, collect ice cubes, trade them in for decanters or go to bartending school. Players can learn about the cocktails they purchase from the description on the back of the cocktail's deed card. Unsuspecting players can end up in Hangover and sit out of the game for three turns, or they could be required to anti-up for an outstanding bar tab. The game is great fun when played at a small party with two to six players, ages 21 and up.


Brew-Opoly is the game for beer drinkers who always wanted to own their own beer brands and run their own brew house. Players roll the dice, land on the lagers, ales, stouts or pilsners of America's award-winning microbreweries. If the player decides to buy the brand, they can then buy cases of beer and eventually trade them for brew houses and microbreweries. Not enough play money to buy a brand? Then take this opportunity to learn the details of the brews that are showcased on the game board. Who knows, you may be out of the game on the next roll and collecting money from your former game players for a beer run. For 2 to 6 adult players ages 21 and up.


If wine's your thing, Wineopoly could be the perfect game for your next party. Players start by choosing their token (a wine bottle, cork, wine glass, cheese, grapes or a carafe). Players role the dice, buy wines, collect grapes and trade them for decanters. They can receive awards like being elected President of the Wine Club or get caught up in having to shell out for import taxes. If their luck runs out, they could end up in the Wine Cellar for three turns. What if all the players aren't wine drinkers? They'll learn while they play if they take advantage of the wine info and fun wine facts on the back of each deed card. For 2 to 6 adult players ages 21 and up.

Download for Monopoly

If the Late for the Sky, alcohol-themed Monopoly-type games are not your idea of an "adult" Monopoly game, fire up your computer and download Adult Matchmaker, a shareware Monopoly-type game. This game combines the competitive real estate acquisition aspects of Monopoly with the potentially sexual overtones of a game like Truth or Dare!

Whenever players land on Chance, Community Chest or a property they don't own, players must either pay or perform the action listed on the card chosen. Not a game for the shy, but certainly an "adult" Monopoly game.

Adult Monopoly