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Whether you're looking for tricks to win at Trivial Pursuit or want to prepare before a game, finding the answers to Trivial Pursuit questions can be helpful. From books to websites, you can find Trivial Pursuit answers for almost any version of the game including the classic board game and online versions.

Finding Answers to Trivial Pursuit Board Game Questions

With over 60 different board game versions sold since the early 1980s, you'll have the best luck looking for answers to questions from your specific Trivial Pursuit board game if you search for its title.

  • You can purchase a copy of The Ultimate Trivial Pursuit Questions and Answers Book published by Hasbro in 2009 for about $14 and covers the original six categories of the game: Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, and Sports & Leisure.
  • In Further Pursuit of Trivial Pursuit by Joseph A. DeBartalo is an unlicensed book featuring all the questions and answers from the original version of the board game and you can get a used copy for about $4.
  • Find answers to 30 of the hardest questions in the 1991-2016 version at the website.

Answers to Electronic Trivial Pursuit Questions

Besides the game board editions of Trivial Pursuit, there are online trivia games and versions to play on your computer, X-box, Play Station, and other gaming devices. Playing digital or electronic versions of the game gives players the chance to look up the answers to Trivial Pursuit questions before choosing their answer. Although some players may consider this cheating, others call it a modern game strategy.

  • On the Play Station 3 (PS3) version of the game, you can hit the controller's PS button and pause the game while playing offline, giving you plenty of time to find the answer on Google or any search engine.
  • X-box Live players know that all they have to do is unplug their controller to pause the game which stops the game timer when playing offline, giving you a few seconds to look up the answer.
  • A forum on True Achievements lists the answers to hundreds of Trivial Pursuit Live! questions for the PS3 and PS4 broken down by category.
  • BadgeHungry posts daily answers to the Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 questions from and you can access these answers going all the way back to December 2017, which is helpful since the random questions do repeat.
  • Players report having enough time to ask the Trivial Pursuit Daily 20 questions to their voice-to-search tool like Siri and get the answers before time runs out.
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Why Find Trivial Pursuit Answers?

Cheating might be the first reason you think of when you hear that someone wants to find the answers to Trivial Pursuit questions, but there are many other reasons too.

  • Make your own Trivial Pursuit game
  • Add cards to your existing game to extend its life
  • Use with a quiz bowl group or for fun in school
  • To pass the time learning a variety of fun facts
  • To play a DIY travel version of Trivial Pursuit on a road trip
  • Decorations for a Trivial Pursuit or classic board game themed party

How to Study for Trivial Pursuit Games

If you're wondering how to win at Trivial Pursuit, studying game questions is one strategy. There are a few ways you can learn the answers to be ready for a game of Trivial Pursuit.

  • Purchase your own copy of the board game version you'll be playing and memorize as many cards as you can.
  • Focus on studying fun facts from books and the internet about the one or two categories you know the least about.
  • Practice answering trivia questions using websites like Sporcle where you can search for trivia quizzes by category.
  • Watch trivia shows like Jeopardy! on a regular basis to soak up all the knowledge you can about different topics.
  • Read up on current events and pop culture daily.

The Pursuit for Answers

The main point of any Trivial Pursuit game is to test your general knowledge. While each version of the game supplies the answers, you may want to fact check these answers or find them out before the questions are even asked. Keep in mind the publishing date of the version you're playing and search for answers that make sense for that time.

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Find Trivial Pursuit Answers to Popular Game Questions