How to Play the Argue! Board Game: Use Your Opinions to Win

Updated August 11, 2021
Friends Playing Argue!

If you are an opinionated person and love to debate, then the Argue! board game is for you. Just think, an adult board game where it pays to argue with the other players. What could be more fun than that?

About Argue!

Argue! is also a strategic board game since players have to think before speaking their answers. It is one of the more popular board games created by University Games, a leading manufacturer of children's and educational games. In the last 20 years, University Games has created more than 200 board games for children, families, and adults.

How to Play Argue!

Argue! is a game about arguing, and the one who debates the given topic the best wins. Got an opinion on a matter? Then this is the game where you can voice it and really make it count. The Argue! board game is for 3 to 10 players ages 18 and older. Explore how to play Argue!

  1. Each player is dealt assignment cards that list the topics that will be argued, as well as with whom you will argue and which side of the argument you will take.
  2. Even if players don't agree with the sides they are forced to take, they will still have three minutes to debate.
  3. The remaining players will decide who wins that round.

Adding Distractions

While you don't have to play with them, you can make the game more interesting by adding distraction cards. These may include outrageous stunts, like smelling someone's shoe while debating. Just a few of the distractions you might encounter include:

  • Argue with an Italian accent
  • Order a pizza while arguing
  • Argue while jumping up and down

Playing Pieces

The following pieces are used when playing Argue!:

  • 100 Argue Topic cards
  • 1,000 topics of argument
  • Player assignment cards
  • 12 vote tokens
  • 12 Advocate/Devil's advocate cards
  • 50 distraction cards
  • Point cards
  • Timer
  • Instructions

If You Like Argue!...

If you like Argue!, you may also enjoy these other fun games to test your debate skills.

  • University Games Smart A** - The ultimate trivia game that was nominated for the 2007 "Game of the Year."
  • Boxers or Briefs - Learn a little more about the other players' personal habits in this "tell-all" board game.
  • Loaded Questions - Test your knowledge of the other players' opinions as you race to answer questions.

Argue Your Way to Fun

Like movies, video games, and CDs, ratings or recommended ages are there for a reason. A game such as Argue! is suggested for adults because the topics debated do have at least a PG rating. And mixing adults and children in a game where opinions are debated may not be a good thing. If you want to play this game with children, scope out the topics ahead of time and remove any that you may feel are inappropriate.

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How to Play the Argue! Board Game: Use Your Opinions to Win