Axis and Allies Replacement Pieces

Game pieces

Axis and Allies replacement pieces are not available from the game's publisher, but there are other alternatives that players can use to build up their forces.

Game's History

Axis and Allies has been one of the most popular board games for adults. It allows players to strategically recreate World War II war situations. The game includes a board game map, plastic troops, weapons and equipment. Information is also included on the functions of different types of units and the best strategies on using each type of unit. Several versions are available of the game, each focusing on a specific World War II battle area.

The game is usually played by older children and adults. The game involves a lot of concentration and games can last for days. Players form informal groups which play, and exchange ideas and game information. They also network strategies and share information through informal online forums.

The game was originally published by Milton-Bradley. For the game's 20th anniversary, a revised edition was introduced in 2004. The revised game included a new look for the game board, a more detailed map, revised rules and new artillery and destroyer pieces. The new game comes with 366 playing pieces which includes 40 more artillery and 26 more destroyers than the original game.

Sources for Axis and Allies Replacement Pieces

Axis and Allies replacement pieces are no longer offered by Milton-Bradley or the current publisher, Avalon Hill. Players have found a variety of ways to enlarge their playing inventories.

Chips as Symbols

The game rules state that a player cannot add anything to the game except chips. The chips can be used to symbolize an infantry group or a stack of weapons. White chips represent one unit and a red chip represents five units. Additional troops, weapons or equipment can be created with a combination of chips topped off with the specific item being symbolized. For example:

  • Seven infantry are symbolized with one red chip and one white chip topped off with a plastic infantry unit.
  • Six land mines are symbolized with one red chip topped off with a plastic land mine.

Used Pieces

Many gamers choose to not use the "chips method" to symbolize troops, weapons and equipment. They prefer to add actual pieces to their game by pulling pieces from old games or getting pieces from other players. They find the pieces by contacting sellers on eBay or by requesting them from other players through Axis & Allies forums such as Harris Game Design, the message board of Larry Harris, the creator of Axis and Allies.

Table Tactics Kit

Table Tactics has published an accessory kit for use with Axis and Allies game boards. The Table Tactics A&A Accessories #242 kit includes 275 scaled-to-size, color-coordinated pieces including:

  • B29 Superfortress heavy fighters
  • Jeeps
  • German HE-162 jet fighters
  • Land mines
  • Landing craft
  • P38 Lightning super bombers
  • V2 rockets
  • Operating rules for the new pieces

Booster Kits

Booster kits are available from the publisher. Each kit costs from $10 to $15 and focuses on a specific timeframe or war situation. Most kits include five to ten plastic pieces, stat cards and a game map. For example:

  • 1939-1945 Starter: Axis & Allies Miniatures - Contains ten pre-painted plastic miniatures with stat cards, two double-sided maps, eight dice and a rulebook
  • 1939-1945 Booster: Axis & Allies Miniatures - Contains five pre-painted plastic miniatures with stat cards
  • Axis & Allies CMG Set 3 Contested Skies Booster - Contains nine pre-painted, durable plastic miniatures with stat cards

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