Bilingual Board Games: A Quick List

Bilingual Games

Bilingual board games are a fun way for children and adults to learn a foreign language. Unlike board games featuring only one language, such as Spanish board games, bilingual games have English plus one other language. You may not even realize you're learning a new language while you have fun playing the game.

List of Bilingual Learning Games

There are many bilingual board games to choose from. This list will help you find the games that interest you most.

Maya & Miguel Word Scramble

The object of Maya & Miquel is to "spell words before time runs out." The board features 49 squares arranged in a seven-by-seven grid. Some words already exist on the board, if you can spot them. To make other words, there is a blank space on the board, which allows tiles to be moved around. Spell a word in either English or Spanish to win points. Maya & Miguel is for one to six players and is designed for children age seven and older.

Bilingual Body Game

This fun game, for ages four and up, will teach participants the correct word for various body parts in both English and Spanish. You start with a puzzle piece that has a picture of a body part, such as a foot, hand, ear, etc. You then must connect the correct English word and Spanish word to the body part piece. One to four players can play the Body Game.

Make Learning a Second Language Fun

Bilingual board games make learning a new language easy and fun. Use them to supplement standard lessons or to introduce a second language in an entertaining way.

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Bilingual Board Games: A Quick List