Blank Board Games to Print

Stacy Zeiger
Printable board game

Blank board games allow you to create a board game of your own or play a simple board game on the fly. As a teacher, you may use them to help students review important content. As a parent, download these templates to come up with a creative family game or help your children come up with creative ideas for new games. Use coins and pieces of paper or small plastic figurines as playing pieces and find a pair of dice, or make your own spinner to help players move around the board.

Board Game Templates

Blank board games come in multiple formats. Look for one that meets your playing needs or that fits your favorite style of board game. Try one of these free templates to get your game started! If you need help to download the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Winding Path Board Game

Basic Square Game

Looping Trail Board Game

Different Options Board Game

Creating a Game

Whether you want to create an educational game or a game just for fun, the possibilities are endless with these printable blank board games. All you need for your board game is a theme and an objective. From there you just need a few playing pieces and a way to determine how players move around the board. Once you print these board games, you can further customize them by coloring spaces, writing in directions or adding more spaces and creating cards to add to the game. Whatever your vision is, you can make it happen with these printable templates.

Blank Board Games to Print