21 Creative Gifts for Board Game Lovers to Enrich Their Hobby

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The wonderful thing about creative board game gift ideas is that you can find something for people of all ages. Board game lovers, whether they're serious enthusiasts or casual players, will be delighted with these gift ideas designed to enhance their game play and time together. Learn more about each item by clicking "More Details" at the top of the image.

Leather Folding Dice Trays

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Help your gaming friends keep their dice from rolling off the table with these leather dice trays. The set of six trays come in black, coffee, violet and dark shades of red, blue and green. They are made of PU leather and can be used for holding gaming pieces as well as dice.

Hot and Cold Laminating Machine

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A laminator might seem like an odd choice, but if you're a regular gamer you know just how many instruction sheets and paperwork come with games. The more complicated a game the more papers will be included and a laminator can keep your information sheets crisp and clean no matter how often they're passed around handled by gamers.

Deluxe Monopoly 5-in-1 Edition

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Classic game players will love this beautiful edition of five games wrapped into one package. The vintage wooden cabinet has a reversible board featuring Monopoly and a chess or checkers board on the opposite sides. The game includes all the pieces for Monopoly, chess and checkers, as well as the cards for Monopoly Deal and five dice for Poker Dice.

Board Game Table

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This folding gaming table is sure to please. The table has a granite white heavy plastic border with a green felt playing surface. There are four cup holders on each corner to help prevent spills and a handy placeholder area for each player to keep cards and game pieces. It also folds up flat for easy storage.

Wooden Dice Set

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Most board games include the use of dice and keeping your dice safe can be difficult if game pieces get moved around and misplaced. These dice sets are handmade with Indian hardwood and keep a set of five matching dice safely contained when not in use. The dice have large brass dots and are a classy upgrade on traditional plastic dice.

Scalloped Folding Card Table

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If you want something nicer than a plastic folding table but a custom table is out of your budget, an affordable option is the Stakmore Scalloped Edge Folding Card Table. This table is a step above the regular folding card table with a lovely fruitwood finish and furniture-style edging. It's the perfect table for a group of four sitting together to enjoy a game.

Board Game Bag

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A board game bag is a practical gift that will get a lot of use from your friends who transport their games to each other's homes for gaming nights. These bags are designed to fit several games in typical game box sizes. They're padded inside as well to keep your games and accessories from getting jostled and damaged and can be carried messenger bag style or as a backpack.

Rainbow Dice

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Dice are an important part of board games so why not use some that stand out? This set of seven translucent rainbow dice can add some color to any gaming night. They'll also be easy to spot if they roll off the table with their bright rows of color. The dice come in 25 other color combinations including green/blue, black/gray, gold glitter, and starry purple blue.

Wingspan Game

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This unusual game will delight players with its environmental theme. You play as a bird watcher and researcher and each player seeks to attract different species of birds to your habitats. It's suitable for one to five players and for ages 10 and up. The game board, miniatures and cards are beautifully made and the game gets five stars from Amazon reviewers and an 8.1 out of 10 from BoardGameGeek.

Chip 'N Dip Bowl

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Game night isn't complete without snacks, of course! This chip and dip bowl from Macy's keeps your chips all in one place with a large central bowl for your dip. It will help keep your gaming area clean while players can use the handles to pass the bowl around throughout the night.

Conester Drink Holder

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Along with snacks, gamers will be sure to enjoy a drink while playing. Traditional coasters can keep your table from getting water rings but the TableCoaster can keep drinks from being knocked over. These plastic cup holders keep drinks steady and work for most standard sizes of glasses, mugs, cups, aluminum cans and bottles.

Board Game Mat

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Using a game mat can keep your table surface safe from scratches and dents caused by miniatures or dice on them. They can also reduce the noise from rolling dice and make the table more comfortable for players. This 48 x 48 battle game mat is made from durable vinyl and is waterproof.

Snakes and Ladders

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Snakes and Ladders is a much loved children's game. This edition is not only fun but is beautifully made with pine wood and can serve as a display item in your home. It's sturdy enough to hold up to very young children and includes a second game board for Flying Chess.

Board Gamer Shirt

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This whimsical board gamer periodic table shirt will be a hit with any player who wants to show his or her love for their hobby. The shirt comes in men, women and youth sizes and in black, navy, royal blue and dark heather.

Magnetic Chess Set

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This truly standout chess set will excite any chess lover. The chessmen are magnetic making this an excellent set for travel and outdoor as well as in-home play. The board folds for easy storage and has an anti-scratching coating to keep the game looking good as new after years of play.

Premium Four in a Row Game

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A game that many people remember from their childhood, four in a row, or "four across," can be enjoyed by all ages. This wooden set can be ordered with a white finish or a dark stain. The game is larger than traditional four in a row sets and it comes in a travel case so you can take it on the road to play while picncking or your next holiday party.

Board Gaming Journal

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If you are a serious board game fanatic and want an easy way to keep track of all your games, this handy board gaming journal is a perfect tool. You can keep track of your game inventory, including pieces, game editions, and your game play history. You can aso use it to keep track of games you've loaned out to friends. The journal is a large trade paperback with 300 pages and inventory slots for 1000 games.

Scrabble Initial Necklace

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This Scrabble-themed necklace features the initial of your choice on a silver-plated chain. Scrabble and word game lovers will be delighted with this fun way to show off their favorite pastime. If you want to splurge for a more high-end necklace, try the Scrabble Pendant Necklace made from sterling silver.

Dragon Dice Necklace

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For fans of role playing fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons, this whimsical dragon dice pendant will be a big hit. You can choose from 14 different die colors, 30 different body colors and 16 different eye colors for the dragon. The pendants are made to order and come with a black satin cord. The designs take one to two weeks to make so order early if you're looking to give this gift for Christmas!

Solid Hardwood Mancala Board Game

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For a game board that's not only functional but a definite conversation piece in your home, this folding mancala game fits the bill. The mancala board is beautifully made with stained solid hardwood and comes with 48 colorful glass stones. It's definitely a game board your family will cherish and pass on to younger generations.

Dapper Octopus Dice Tray

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There are simple dice trays and then there are elaborate ones that truly elevate your game table to the next level. This stylish dice tray has a steampunk edge to it with it's octopus design. It's made from wood, vegan leatherette, stainless steel and blue acrylic. You can add a dice tower to it as well. Users on Amazon give this unique dice tray a five-star rating.

Creative Gifts for Board Game Lovers


There are lots of ways to please the board game lover in your life. Be creative and think about what thinks would make their game play easier and more enjoyable. Whether it's better storage options for keeping game boards and accessories safe or ways to enjoy snacking and drinking without damaging your games, you can find lots of unusual items that will thrill your gamer friends.

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21 Creative Gifts for Board Game Lovers to Enrich Their Hobby