Quatro: A Look at the Backgammon Game


The board game named Quatro, is a circular version of Backgammon which was introduced in 1982 by the Quatro Company. This abstract strategy game, designed by Ricardo Chaves-Munoz, was a popular game of the times. Quatro, and other vintage games, may be found at online collectible sites such as The Vintage Toy Box.

Quatro Board Game


Quatro is a variation of the game backgammon, played by two to four players. Unlike a rectangular backgammon board, the Quatro board is in the shape of a circle. The circular board is divided into four quarters, with each quarter circle containing nine points. Depending upon the number of players, the beginning setups vary. It is also possible to play longer or shorter games depending upon the initial setups. Players roll the dice to determine the movement of their counters around the game board. The average game of Quatro lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Included in each game box of Quatro are:

  • Game board
  • Doubling cube
  • Sixty counters (fifteen of each color - red, yellow, black and blue)
  • Eight dice (two of each color - red , yellow, black and blue)
  • Rule book

Quatro in the Electronic Age

Quatro is one of the classic board games included in the Ultimate Board Game Collection for the Wii gaming system along several other classic board games/ Quatro can be customized to different game variations, environments, and soundtracks. The player can play against six other players or choose to play against the CPU.

Similar Games

In addition to the board game named Quatro, there are many other abstract strategy board games to be enjoyed. The more common games of this type include Chess, Checkers and Go. Other games that may not be as well-known such as Mancala, Quarto and Gonnect, are just as challenging and enjoyable. There are many games that can be played by all ages, as well as games more suitable for adults and others just for children. The abstract strategy games site offers excellent information on games of this type.

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Quatro: A Look at the Backgammon Game