9 Board Games for Girls to Pass the Time

A Chess game in progress

You can find just as many board games for girls as you can for boys or teenagers. Often, the girls' games have more feminine themes to keep the girls' interest, but you can even have some of the games traditionally geared towards boys played by girls.

Traditional Board Games for Girls


Chess can be played by anyone, boys and girls alike. More and more girls are turning to this game for a number of reasons. Women are entering the chess scene in increasing numbers because it's no longer a man's game. Anyone who has the capacity to think can play chess. There are even a number of chess books geared for the female reader. Susan Polgar, one of the highest rated female player (and sister of Judith Polger) has written Chess Tactics for Champions.


Girls love this vibrant game based around candy. Its simple gameplay can keep your daughter amused for hours with her friends or other members of the family. All you do in Candyland is spin and move your character to the corresponding squares. The first player to get to the end wins!


Who doesn't love games about money? Boys do. Girls do. So, why not teach your daughter to play Monopoly and show her what it's like to make decisions and keep tabs on money. And with the themed Monopoly sets out there, you can get her the Pixar game, a Monopoly game about horses or a version about cats.

Other Board Games

High School Musical DVD Board Game

Your goal is to make it around the board to the final callback audition. You have to answer questions based on clips from the first High School Musical. These clips are about the songs, the outtakes, the dances and the relationships from the movie.

Memory Game: Disney Princess Edition

The classic Memory game based on Disney Princesses is a favorite for toddler and elementary school aged girls. Flip over two cards to find matches. Each card has a Disney princess on it, like Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White. This game is for younger girls aged 3-7.

Jenga GirlTalk

This version of Jenga is all pink, but that's not what makes it a board game for girls. The object is still the same: don't be the one that makes the Jenga tower fall if you pull a piece out. But now, when one of the players pulls out a block, she must read the question imprinted on it. For instance, you may have to ask the others, "If you had one wish, what would you wish for?".

Twister Pink

This version of Twister is aimed towards girls. There is a colorful fleece bag that you can carry around this game to take anywhere. The mat has been redesigned with more female-inspired colors like pink, purple, and pastels. The spinner has also been redesigned to match the mat.

Disney Fairies Game

All the popular Disney fairies are searching through Never-Never Land trying to find their talent and their favorite flower. Girls must help Tinker Bell, Prilla, Rani, and Fira get their fairy wings. There are many tasks to complete, and because of the varying difficulties the game can offer, your daughter and her friends will spend lots of time seeking out talents, flowers, and wings.

Mystery Date Game

For older girls, Mystery Date is a great way to have fun by collecting cards to create outfits and see who has the same thoughts in terms of clothing. The first person to "open the door" and match their outfit with their Mystery Date is the winner.

Girl Themes or Not

Board Games for girls don't necessarily need to have a girl theme. While this makes them appeal to girls, some games like this could be considered a gimmick. There are hundreds of traditional and classic games a girl can take up as well as a number of board games that have their interests in mind, like Hannah Montana or High School Musical. It all comes down to what she enjoys playing and if she will continue to play the game.

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9 Board Games for Girls to Pass the Time