Boxers or Briefs Game Instructions for Sidesplitting Success

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Boxers or Briefs is a super fun adult board game that is bound to have everyone laughing. Play with friends or family members who you won't get too embarrassed in front of because some cards are a bit raunchy.

What Is The Boxers or Briefs Game?

You might not care what kind of undies your buddies wear, but wouldn't you like to know about some of their most unusual habits or interesting experiences? That's exactly what you'll find out when you play the Boxers or Briefs game with your friends. Contrary to what the name implies, this game really has nothing to do with underwear. This hilarious, modern party game for grown-ups is an entertaining question and answer game that can provide hours of enjoyment and laughter. Introduced by Hasbro in 2006, this game has become one of the most popular board games for adults.

Boxers or Briefs Rules

Basic instructions for playing include:

  1. Each player takes turns in the hot seat, while the other players draw cards and select wild and wacky statements that supposedly describe the lucky person in the spotlight.
  2. Players select two cards, one which accurately describes the person, and one that is just something funny.
  3. The player being described has to read each statement aloud as if it were true.
  4. When you're in the hot seat, you may find yourself declaring all types of hilarious things about yourself, ranging from true statements to ridiculous assertions.
  5. The player whose card is selected by the person in the hot seat earns a funny or true token.
  6. The game winner has six tokens (or the number agreed upon by the group playing).
    Boxers Or Briefs?
    Boxers Or Briefs?

Game Winning Strategies

Depending on who is rolling the die, you will want to shift your playing strategy. Since the goal of the game is to win the most tokens, you'll want to think about what type of person is rolling the die and try to predict what types of responses they are likely to pick. If the player rolling the die:

  • Is silly or funny, you'll want to pick an obscure or hilarious card and appeal to their sense humor.
  • Tends to be more serious, you'll want to pick a factual card that describes them.
  • Is sarcastic or dry, you'll want to pick a card that appeals to a dark sense of humor or has a sarcastic tone.
  • Easily gets embarrassed, you can consider picking a card with G-rated humor or finding a card that they'll think is sweet.

What Do You Need to Play?

Everything you need to play is included with the game set, which is affordably priced at around $10. It's designed to be played with groups of four to ten people, which makes it a perfect party game. You can play the Boxers or Briefs game anywhere. Because everything you need is stored in a single box, the game is easily transportable. It's fun to take along on camping trips or weekend getaways. The game set includes:

  • 400 question cards
  • Die
  • Label sheet included
  • Scoring tokens for true answers
  • Scoring tokens for funny responses
  • Storage tray
    Boxers or Briefs Game
    Boxers or Briefs Game

What Do You Need to Know?

When you play this game, be prepared to laugh until your sides hurt. It can go on for hours, as there are over 2,000 funny phrases available, and you never know where a comment might lead. Even though the game is labeled as being intended for players age 18 and up, it's important to keep in mind that the content of the game is likely to vary widely based on the composition of the group. In some cases, the game is quite tame and family friendly, but in others the tone can become very racy.

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  • Dirty Minds is a hilarious guessing game for grown-ups that's surprisingly clean, but can help you figure out which of your friends have the dirtiest minds.
  • Man Laws and Woman Rules takes a funny look at those things society sees as uniquely male and uniquely female. Discover why men and women don't always see eye to eye, and why they find each other's quirks so entertaining.

A Hilarious Party Game for Grown-Ups

There is no reason that party games have to be limited to kids. Grown-up parties don't have to be sedate and boring. Boxers or Briefs is fun, entertaining, and makes for a perfect adults-only night in. No matter how long you've known them, you're likely to learn some new things about the people in your circle of friends when you bring this terrific party game to your next social event.

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Boxers or Briefs Game Instructions for Sidesplitting Success