Candy Land Castle Game

Candyland has gone 3-D!
Candyland has gone 3-D!

When you first set out to teach your children about shapes, sizes and colors it can seem like a daunting task, but it just got easier and a lot more fun with Hasbro's Candy Land Castle game.

Educational Games

Early childhood education is an important aspect of giving children the proper tools in order to handle the strict surroundings present in school. You can easily give your children all of the advantages that come with teaching them at home prior to actually attending school. The initial years of life are your children's most formidable ones. They begin to recognize shapes and colors within the first three, and by five years old cognitive reasoning is beginning to surface and take hold.

If you begin to show them shapes, colors and sizes of things earlier than their normal developmental range you increase their abilities prior to school. This simple homeschooling can include:

  • Simple counting skills by showing pictures of items like apples and oranges
  • Item recognition by showing them pictures of things they would recognize like yourself or their favorite toys
  • Color association by showing items with color like blue for ice and red for fire
  • Simple size and shape relations

Giving your children the chance to begin early can help them when they enter their first year of school. They will be able to follow along in class a lot better than children that haven't had the leg up. They will also be able to retain more information and understand it more. Family board games of any type can help a child do better in school.

Candy Land Classic

The classic game of Candy Land is by far one of the most popular games in Hasbro's long line of board games for younger children. Candy Land has often been the first game that is played by children as it only requires rudimentary counting skills. The game is a lot of fun by adding what every child loves: candy. Children can create an imaginary world around the characters they encounter in the game like Princess Lolly or King Kandy. Classic Candy Land has long appealed to young children for many generations.

Candy Land Castle Game

Hasbro has been creating a long line of games geared toward educating our children. From memory games to color and figure recognition, the Candy Land Castle game now creates a fun learning experience for your child.

The Story

In this game based off of the classic Candy Land, the gingerbread kids' decorations have turned up missing. The player's must make it to King Kandy's castle to try and help the gingerbread kids find new decorations.

Playing the Game

Your child gets to explore his own gingerbread man shaped game board. He gets to manipulate the game boards by pulling and matching, sliding and dropping various colors and shapes into his game boards and the castle. He can also identify colors, shapes and sizes. Children play the Candy Land Castle game by matching symbols, shapes and color to the sockets located on one of the gingerbread man game boards. The game is meant to be played with 1 player to 4 players.

Meant for Children

This game from Hasbro is meant as a learning tool for children. It's suitable for one to four players of pre-school age. The game combines a fun theme with educational objectives. The game boards are shaped like gingerbread children. Each board has shapes that are brightly colored and includes:

  • Green stars
  • Yellow circles
  • Red squares
  • Purple ovals

These shapes are able to be dropped on top of King Kandy's Castle. Your child can retrieve them by pulling one of three levers (tower spires). These pieces slide down the chute on the front of the castle.

What's in the Box

The game includes:

  • No assembly required meaning you can play the game right out of the box
  • King Kandy's Castle which includes three levers to release the shape pieces
  • Four gingerbread kid game boards that include colored shapes
  • 18 brightly colored tokens
  • Instruction booklet
Candy Land Castle Game