What the Candy Land Castle Game Is All About

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Your introduction into the world of board games probably happened by stomping through the Chocolate Swamp of Candy Land. Bring that fun to an even younger generation through the Candy Land Castle game. Explore just how preschoolers can help Candy Land's gingerbread kids find decorations through dropping, sliding and matching colors and shapes.

What Is Candy Land Castle?

Unlike the traditional board game Candy Land, Candy Land Castle is a 3D version where young kids get to play with the actual castle. Those littlest learners get to touch, drop and match shapes in a fun 3D candy castle as they try to find decorations for the gingerbread kids.

Game Availability Is Limited

This game was created in 2007 and is currently only available used through third party sellers like eBay. You may also find it on garage or yard sales as well. Expect prices to range anywhere from a couple dollars to around $25 or more, depending on the condition of the game and how hard the game is to find.

Who It Is Designed For

The game is designed for kids over three and can be played by up to 4 players. Hasbro doesn't offer a specific time it takes to play the game, but it can keep littles interested for 10 minutes to a half hour.

What's in the Box

The Candy Land Castle game includes:

  • King Kandy's Castle, which includes three levers to release the shape pieces
  • Four gingerbread kid game boards that include colored shapes
  • 18 brightly colored tokens
  • Instruction booklet

No assembly required meaning you can play the game right out of the box.

The Purpose of Candy Land Castle

This game from Hasbro is meant as a learning tool for children. Candy Land Castle combines a fun theme with educational objectives. Each board has shapes that are brightly colored and includes:

  • Green stars
  • Yellow circles
  • Red squares
  • Purple ovals

These shapes are able to be dropped on top of King Kandy's Castle. Your child can retrieve them by pulling one of three levers (tower spires). These pieces slide down the chute on the front of the castle.

Playing the Game

The game can be played alone or with family or friends. To play:

  1. Each player gets their own game board of a gingerbread kid.
  2. On your turn, you bake cookies by pulling one of the levers.
  3. If the cookie that slides out matches the one in your board, you put it on your board.
  4. If not, you put it in the hole on the top of the candy man castle.
  5. The winner is the one to fill all the shapes in their game board.

Educational Games

Early childhood education is an important aspect of giving children the proper tools in order to handle the strict surroundings present in school. You can easily give your children all of the advantages that come with teaching them at home prior to actually attending school. The initial years of life are your children's most formidable ones. They begin to recognize shapes and colors within the first three, and by five years old cognitive reasoning is beginning to surface and take hold. If you begin to show them shapes, colors and sizes of things earlier than their normal developmental range you increase their abilities prior to school.

The Merits of Candy Land Castle

Candy Land Castle works to enhance children's early learning and prepare them for preschool and kindergarten by teaching shape and color recognition. It teaches children skills like:

  • How to match colors
  • What shape size fits in what spot
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Good sportsmanship

Making Learning Fun

Candy Land Castle is a fun and enjoyable game for kids but to really push the learning potential try these tips:

  • Make it a family affair. Kids want to feel included so get everyone involved to enhance sharing and taking turns.
  • Afford frustration and maximize the learning potential by helping your child through a few rounds so they can see exactly what shapes fit where.
  • If the old rules are getting boring, you might try making your own to spark new interest or have even more competition by making a speed round.

Family Game Night

Little kids love to learn and have fun. Give them the best of both worlds through fun educational games like Candy Land Castle. Not only will they learn shape and color recognition, but the story and bright game pieces will keep them interested.

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