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First introduced in 1949, Candyland has been played by children for generations and the characters have become iconic. As the game has gone through changes over the years some of the characters have changed as well, but their timelessness and overall essence remains the same.

About Candyland

The premise of the game is a simple one: the king of Candyland is lost! Players must move around a colorful board, counting spaces and following arrows until they find the wayward king. Since there is no reading required children as young as 3 years old can easily play. Only the ability to match colors and count is required.

Original Candyland Game Character Names

The 1949 version of the Candyland game did not feature characters, but they were added soon thereafter. The earliest Candyland game character names were:

  • The Gingerbread People
  • The Kids
  • Mr. Mint: A tall fellow who lives in Peppermint Forest. He wears red and white stripes just like a candy cane.
  • Gramma Nutt: A warm and matronly woman who lives in Peanut Acres.
  • King Kandy: The lost king who players are searching for in the game.
  • Jolly: A friendly, colorful creature who lives in Gumdrop Pass.
  • Plumpy the Plumpa Troll: The last of the Plumpa trolls, he is in charge of gathering the plums from the plum trees.
  • Princess Lolly: A young freckle-faced girl with a lollipop-covered dress.
  • Lord Licorice: The bad guy of Candy Land, Lord Licorice tries to turn everything to licorice.
  • Queen Frostine: A beautiful and graceful lady wearing gloves and an evening gown. She loves to ice skate, and magical snowflakes follow her around.
  • Gloppy the Molasses Monster: A friendly monster!

In more recent versions, some of the original characters were replaced. Changes in the 2010 version of Candyland include:

  • Mr. Mint became Duke of Swirl, a traditional hero who hangs out at the ice cream slopes.
  • Plumpy became Mama Ginger Tree, a friendly tree.
  • Gloppy the Molasses Monster became Gloppy the Chocolate Monster who lives in the chocolate swamp.
  • Queen Frostine was renamed Princess Frostine

Special Edition Candyland Characters

There are also Candyland editions that correspond to television shows or movies. These, of course, feature the characters of the respective shows. Some of the special editions offered are:

  • Candyland-- Dora the Explorer, featuring Dora, Diego, Boots, and Backpack. Benny the Bull, Isa, and Swiper the Fox on a colorful bilingual board
  • Pooh Candyland, which offers the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his pals, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore, as they gather picnic goodies

In 2006, Hasbro joined forces with Give Kids the World, a Florida resort dedicated to granting wishes and fantasy vacations to terminally ill children, to create a life-size Candyland board. The game was also produced as a special edition board game. In addition to the traditional characters, this game also features Mayor Clayton, Ms. Merry, and other characters from Give Kids the World.

Playing Candy Land

Whether you play the classic Candy Land or one of the updated versions, kids will fall in love with the colorful, fantasy-like characters. Little girls may long to dress like Princess Frostine or be like Princess Lolly, while boys may aspire to defeat Lord Licorice or live in a chocolate or molasses swamp like Gloppy. The characters help make this classic board game a regular addition to family game night across the world.

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Candyland Game Character Names