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The Cashflow board game teaches teenagers and adults the basic principles of accounting, investing and financial strategies.

About the Cashflow Board Game

The designer of the Cashflow board game, Robert Kiyosaki, is a well-known motivational speaker and author of the popular self help book Rich Dad Poor Dad. In 1996, he designed the original game Cashflow 101: How to Get Out of the Rat Race as a tool to reinforce the ideas and concepts that he covers in his books and lectures.

The main goal of the game is to learn to rethink the way you view money and how you use it. Once you learn how to put your money to work for you, then you will be able to achieve financial freedom, "escape the rat race," and get on the fast track.

Game Components of Cashflow 101

  • A one page introduction from Robert Kiyosaki
  • Game board
  • 6 Player tokens
  • 6 Cheese tokens
  • 1 Pad of player financial sheets
  • 12 Profession cards
  • 42 Big Deals cards
  • 42 Doodad cards
  • 42 Market cards
  • 56 Small deals cards
  • Game money
  • 3 Dice
  • 6 Cashflow game pencils
  • 12 Chips for each color (some sets were made with only 10 chips of each color)

Game Editions

  • Cashflow 202 - Published in 1999, the focus of the game is technical inventing. Since this is an expansion edition, you must have Cashflow 101 to play the game.
  • Cashflow for Kids - Published in 1999, the game teaches children the principles of learning how to make their money work for them and also develops math skills.
  • Spanish Cashflow 101 Board Game
  • Cashflow the Web Game - This version of Cashflow is played free online and is accessed from the Rich Dad website.
  • Cashflow the E -Game - This version is a video game played on the computer that requires a player to become a member of the Rich Dad's Insiders Community.
  • Certain editions of Cashflow 101 and 202 included VHS/Audio tapes or CDs.

Playing the Game

The following is a very brief description of the game play of Cashflow 101.

  • To start the game of Cashflow 101 each player gets two game pieces which are a piece of cheese and a rat.
  • Find your dream and put your piece of cheese on it.
  • Once you have finished the first part of the game, getting out of the rat race, you advance to the second part, being on the fast track. Once you are on the fast track you can achieve your dream.
  • Choose a profession card. Examples of profession cards include truck driver, business manager, doctor, mechanic and teacher.
  • Fill out your financial information game sheet using the information on your profession card. Learning how to fill out and keep a financial statement accurately is one of the important educational features of the game.
  • To start the game, you get the amount of cash that is the total of the amount of money you have in your savings plus one month's cash flow. These amounts are taken from your financial statement.
  • As you roll the dice and move around the game board, you must make financial decisions involving big deals, small deals and investment opportunities. You will also receive your pay, deal in the real estate market and make purchases. Everything you do must be carefully recorded in your financial statement.
  • You can move out of the rat race when you have successfully made your money work for you. This happens when you make the right kinds of investments, and they provide you with passive income to cover all of your expenses.
  • Play continues on the game board's fast track.

Where to Purchase Online

The Internet provides many websites that offer various versions of Cashflow 101.

Cashflow Game Clubs

There are hundreds of Cashflow game clubs throughout the world. To find a club, or learn how to start one in your area, visit club information at Rich Dad.

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Cashflow Board Game