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Board games are not just for children; there are many adult board games on the market aimed at those over the age of 18. Board games for adults are more likely to feature mature subject matter than complex rules. They can be fun and flirty, or serious and thought-provoking.

Many of the most popular adult board games have sexual themes. These games can be great for relationship building and creating intimacy. These are often used to spice up a long-term relationship or to take a new relationship to a different level. Other games are great for getting a laugh, and are perfect for breaking the ice at a party.

Party Games

The best-known adult-oriented games are played at parties. While their themes may be daring or inappropriate for children, they are more likely to be suggestive than explicit.

Dirty Minds is a classic example of this kind of party game, with questions that sound dirty but answers that are invariably clean. Boxers or Briefs also puts adults in the hot seat with questions that are intimate without being explicit.

Provocative content isn't the only thing that can limit a party game to adults. 25 Words or Less is appropriate for all ages, but adults share a base of cultural knowledge that kids may have trouble keeping up with.

Strategy Games

While many strategy games have thick rulebooks and hundreds of components, their rules can be learned by anyone who puts in time and energy to do so. Junior high school students can master immensely complex games, and still have time left over to memorize a few hundred Pokemon.

Adult strategy games are the games with themes that may be too complex or uncomfortable for children. The Goth board game and CSI: The Board Game are perfect for a night of entertainment amongst the grown-up crowd, but most kids would get tired or bored of playing.

Sexual Themes

There are many "sexy" versions of classic board games. Some are created by publishers, while others are created by the players themselves. Naked Twister is a popular game, while more cerebral players may favor Strip Chess.

Other games are created solely to arouse and entice. Sex board games can be fun for couples or, less commonly, small groups of consenting adults.

Relationship Themes

Other games are more about gender than sex. Most relationship games take the form of party games, and usually have a "battle of the sexes" theme. The Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus game is all about the misunderstandings between the sexes, while The Newlywed Game takes its format from the classic television game show.

It's All in How You Play Them

While many commercial board games advertise their adult themes, almost any traditional card game or board game is appropriate for an adult gaming night. In the end, it's the conversation and the company that counts, so don't be afraid to put the kids to bed, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and play!

Adult Board Games