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Article Highlight: How to Play the James Bond Card Game for a Double-Good Time

Card games are an integral component of James Bond movies. The world-renowned secret agent played Baccarat in 1962's Dr. No and has been depicted in scenes involving high-stakes card games ever since. With that… Keep reading »

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Playing card games

Card games are so popular because they're extremely versatile. You can play solo or in groups, in pairs or even online. Whether you're looking for information about classic games or want to find something new, there's always something to learn about cards and card games.

Classic Card Games

Classic card games range from poker to Go Fish, offering a variety of styles and intensity levels. These games generally use a traditional deck of cards and the rules are widely known to most players. They are always appealing since you don't need any special equipment or game boards to play.


Solitaire can be played with a deck of cards or online, and there are many variations on the basic theme. As the name implies, solitaire is a solo card game. Learn how to play the basic game, then branch out and try some new ones! If you prefer to play on your computer, there are lots of sites that offer different types of solitaire games to enjoy.


Uno is a card game with its own deck, played much like the classic game of Crazy 8's. As Uno has grown in popularity there have been many different versions of the game introduced, including Uno Attack. You can also play with other enthusiasts around the world with multiplayer Uno games online.

Other Card Games

Lots of board games are played using cards, such as Apples to Apples and Mille Bornes. Card games can be educational, or appeal to the party-going crowd. No matter what type of game you enjoy playing, there's likely a card game that will strike your fancy. Try some new games with friends and family, or explore the various forms of single-player card games to challenge yourself.

Card Games