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Chess isn't your basic game of checkers. It's a game built on strategy. From strategically sacrificing your pawn or doing away with your rook to give your knight a fighting chance, chess is a battle of wits. To win you need to be two moves ahead of your opponent, and it isn't over until checkmate. Whether you like to play just for fun or take the game very seriously, chess appeals to a wide cross section of gamers young and old. Learn about the ancient roots of chess and new age ways you can play the game.

A Game of History

Like many modern-day games, chess can find its roots in the past. It didn't use a checkered board, and the squares were slightly different, but modern chess can find its roots in ancient Asia. Even the chess pieces themselves tell of a different time. From the pawns or serfs that are often sacrificed to save the bishops, kings and queens to the knights defending the castle or rook.

Modern Rules and Strategies

The modern rules of chess and the different strategies that you can use to check a king are vast. They can and do fill the pages of books. However, once you master the movement of each piece, then it all comes down to strategy. Chess is a game of wits with your opponent. Not only do you need to understand your opponent's moves but be thinking about your future moves. It can all get really confusing. But the more you play, the easier it gets. And if you are looking for a good way to get started, check out no stress chess. This is great for beginners.

Multiple Ways to Play

Whether you're just starting out with the game or working your way to becoming a chess grandmaster, chess can be enjoyable for players of all ages and personalities. Play the game with a friend or family member, or you can even play chess against your computer. The online community also offers ample opportunities to build your skills by challenging online players. Adults might even choose to make the game a bit risky through strip chess. No matter where or how you play, you're certain to enjoy a challenging game that will test your ability to strategize.

Finding Your Set

Part of the fun of chess comes from the different personalities found in the chess set. Novelty sets are pretty much available in any theme known to man including sports, movies or even animals. Get the kids interested in the game with Disney-themed chess sets or entertain friends with a dragon chess set. Antique Medieval sets are also available for those collectors out there.

The Game of Wits

With roots in castles, epic battles and war strategy, it isn't any surprise that chess is a fun and exciting game for even grandmasters. Explore the rules, how to get started and even find your perfect chess set to start you on your road to a chess master.

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