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For the ultimate in fun and strategizing, many players enjoy strategy board games. They come in a variety of styles and themes, so there are options for every interest and skill level.

What Are Strategy Board Games

As the name suggests, strategy games require players to plan ahead and strategize to win. Players must think ahead and try to predict their opponents' moves as well. These are not games of chance, although there may be chance elements to deal with in the gameplay.

Unlike abstract strategy games, strategy games follow a story line and take place at a particular time, place, and setting. There is an element of role playing attached to the game.

Types of Strategy Games

Some people break strategy games into "strategy" and "abstract strategy." Those characterized as strategy games have elements of role playing attached to them. They follow a story line and take place at a particular time, place, and setting.

Those classified as abstract games do not have a specific storyline and tend to involve strategy or tactics for their own sake. Some of the most common games that fall in this category are classics like Go, Chess, Checkers, Mancala, Mahjong and Reversi.

War games, such as Risk, and adventure games, such as Carcassonne, allow players to step outside their normal, everyday roles and into exciting adventures! In your new role as a pirate, soldier, or other adventurer, you must use your wit and intelligence to outsmart your opponents. In Risk, for example, you are fighting to control the universe! Civilization allows you to step back in time and build a mighty empire. Make the right choices along the way, and you just might conquer the world. If war games are your preference, there are numerous board war games for you to check out. We've got the scoop on games like Axis and Allies Europe, and War of the Ring Game.

However, you don't have to be a fan of military scenarios to enjoy a good game in this genre. Modern strategy games have storylines that run the gamut from international trade, politics, mining, art dealing, farming, business and space travel. Solve mysteries, hunt down criminals, build cities and participate in raucus auctions and trading all in the comfort of your very own home

Family Tactics

Even classic games like Monopoly require you to create and use various strategies to win. Do you know how to vanquish your opponent from the Monopoly board and become a property-owning mogul? If not, we've got some tips for you to check out. If you're a Lord of the Rings fanatic, you'll love the Lord of the Rings Game. Take on the role of one of the four Hobbits in the Fellowship: Merry, Pippen, Fatty or Frodo. Each Hobbit has a special ability: traveling, hiding, friendship or fighting, and you'll use your Hobbit's ability to try and win the game. You and your family can spend hours together devising plans and carrying out fun scenarios in any of these strategy board games!

Strategy Board Games