Where to Find Medieval Chess Sets for a Timeless Challenge

Medieval chess set

Chess sets Medieval; what could be more fun than waging a battle of wits in the single most classic design of all?

Chess Sets Medieval: Timeless!

By its very nature, chess is a profoundly Medieval game, filled with imagery from the times during which the game was created. Just think about it; kings and queens rule, while bishops slyly slip in to manipulate behind the scenes. Valiant knights storm castles, and hapless serfs are everyone's pawns.

It's interesting to know that this ancient game of political intrigue, military might and strategy was actually passed from one country to the next by the invading soldiers of many armies. The classic chess set that we know and love best today is based on the lives of Europeans in Medieval times.


High quality chess sets, Medieval or otherwise, are extremely collectible. Some sets are actually available in limited editions, including the boards on which the game is played. Even though you'll pay more for a set made of heirloom quality materials, it will definitely be worth the investment.

With this in mind, let's check out some terrific Medieval chess sets.

Chess House

It's hard to beat the Chess House for sheer variety in chess sets Medieval. Favorites include:

  • Medieval: This is a very fine example of a classic Medieval chess set. The playing pieces are made of durable poly-resin and are incredibly detailed in lush color. Chess House recommends a game boards with 1 1/4" squares to perfectly compliment the set.
  • Medieval Crusades Set III: King Richard the Lion-Hearted and his archers meet the wily Saladin and his band of Turks in battle once again. Choose a lovely oak playing board, or select a full carrying case in walnut or high gloss finish.

Chess USA

Chess USA offers some truly unusual theme chess sets and playing boards. Favorites include:

  • Isle of Lewis: This is by far one of the most beautiful chess sets ever made. Made from poly-resin, the board and playing pieces have the look of carved ivory, and feature a Celtic knot motif.
  • Dragon Kingdom: This set has it all: dragons, trolls goblins and more! The details of each piece are considered museum quality, making it a great set for display.
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Where to Find Medieval Chess Sets for a Timeless Challenge