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Civil War Board Game

Civil War Board Game
Do you like strategy games?

If you're looking for a fun and educational strategy game, a Civil War board game might be the perfect solution.

Popular Civil War Games

There are several different board games designed around the Civil War. Some of these games are very popular and have sold thousands of copies. Here are some of the most popular Civil War-inspired games:

  • The American Civil War
  • The Civil War''
  • Gettysburg
  • A House Divided

The American Civil War Board Game

One of the most popular Civil War games is called The American Civil War. Published by Eagle Games in 2001, The American Civil War is designed for two to four players. Adults and kids over the age of 12 typically enjoy this game more than younger children. Game play can be rather long, often extending for about four hours. On Board Game Geek, The American Civil War received a rating of 5.69 out of ten stars. Most complaints focused on the length of game play and inefficient board layout.The American Civil War is out of print, but you can find used versions of this game on online auction sites.

The Civil War

Another classic Civil War-inspired board game is The Civil War. Meant for two players aged 12 and up, The Civil War was first published in 1983 by Victory Games. Board Game Geek users gave this game a much higher rating than The American Civil War. It received 7.55 out of ten stars, and users complimented the authenticity and the hex-based game system itself. Some users complained about the length of game play, which averages about 20 hours.The Civil War is no longer being produced, but you can find use or unopened games at online auction sites.


The first board game to be based on a historical battle, Gettysburg is a Civil War game focusing specifically on the battle of Gettysburg. Originally published in 1958 by Avalon Hill, this game is for two players and takes approximately three hours to play. Gettysburg was reissued in 1964 with a few changes to game play. Users at Board Game Geek gave this game 5.51 out of ten stars, which isn't a very favorable rating. However, many war game fans love Gettysburg because it was their introduction to the world of board games based on wars and strategy. Long out of print, this game is hard to find. You may be able to track down used versions of Gettysburg on eBay or other auction sites.

A House Divided

A favorite because of its reduced complexity, A House Divided is another popular board game based on the Civil War. Released in 1981, this game is designed for two players age 14 and up. Game play takes about four hours, and A House Divided earned a respectable 7.14 out of ten stars on Board Game Geek. Users love the effective and simple rules of the game and the beautiful design of the game board. Many reviewers also recommended this game to first-time war gamers.A House Divided is still in print and retails for under $40. You can find this game at toy stores, hobby stores, game stores, and online marketplaces.

Final Words

Choosing a Civil War board game is mostly about personal taste. Pick a game that works best for your situation. Think about the number of players, the ages of the players, the overall skill level, and the amount of authenticity you want in a game. Have fun!

Civil War Board Game