4 Single Player Board Games to Prove You're Fun to Hang With

Buy Autobridge at Amazon
Buy Autobridge at Amazon

There are many current single player board games on the market that are enjoyable and easy to understand. Sometimes you just want to play a board game but either there isn't anyone to join in the fun or you really just want to play by yourself. That is where these games come in handy. There are one-player games available for both children and adults, all of which will provide endless hours of entertainment.

Single Player Board Games for Children

Like many children's games, the single player ones are mostly educational. They are good to bring along on road trips or holiday dinners at Grandma's house. There are no batteries to replace or loud noises to find annoying. Here is a sampling of some current single player board games for children.

Regatta Game

Created for children ages six and older by Educational Insights, this single player game uses visual logic as a tool for understanding and ultimately winning. To play, pick a race card and place the crew in their boats and columns according to the size and color of each vessel. Put the captain at the bow. Rearrange your crew and boats to match the colors in each column. However, you cannot move the captain or boat to another row. Once all of the crew members are in solid color vertical columns, the race is over and you've won!

Playing pieces include:

  • 55 race cards
  • 22 boats
  • 80 colorful crew members
  • Blue game board

The game can be found at NewEgg.com.

Marble Solitaire Cherry Wooden Board Game

If your child is into playing solitaire, then the Marble Solitaire Cherry Wooden Board Game may be for him or her. Manufactured by Maple Landmark and sold online at Heirloom Wooden Toys, this single player marble game combines the English and French versions of solitaire. Marble solitaire is a game of strategy where you attempt to remove all of the board's marbles by jumping one over another either horizontally or vertically. The marble that is jumped is removed. The game, which is recommended for children eight and older, comes with:

  • 8 1/2-inch circular cherry wood game board
  • 36 black marbles with a carrying pouch
  • Game instructions engraved on back of playing board

Single Player Games for Adults

Adult board games designed for solo players are very popular. They are great gifts for those who travel or stay home alone. They are usually cheaper than video or computer games and store easily on shelves or in closets. Some of the more popular single player adult board games include:


This hand-held, self-teaching bridge board game dates back to the 1930s when players used paper and pencils to learn how to play this card game. Today's version, manufactured by the John N. Hansen Co., is much simpler to use and understand. The game offers 48 hands of bridge from which to learn. Just simply put one of the deal sheets inside of the game board. Throughout the game, the board's windows reveal each hand. You play and bid for yourself, while Autobridge bids for the opponents. It will tell you when your bid is wrong, as well as cards played. If you play the wrong card, the game will have you rethink your move until you get it right. No batteries required.

Autobridge comes with:

  • Game board
  • 48 deal cards
  • Instructions

Additional deal cards can be purchased at most online board game sites including:

For the People

For the People is the ultimate Civil War board game. It is designed for one or two adult players who are really interested in and enjoy learning about American history. It's a game of strategy that takes you across the country from Texas to Pennsylvania. To play the game, assume the role of either President Abraham Lincoln or President Jefferson Davis and command armies like you think they did way back when. You can also promote generals, conduct amphibious assaults and battle political intrigue among members of your own cabinet. It's all up to you to decide. The most recent printing of this game, manufactured by GMT Games, was in 2006. Playing pieces include:

  • 110 strategy cards
  • Instruction booklet and strategy manual
  • 420 full-color, die-cut counters
  • 22-inch by 34-inch full-color map
  • A die

No Harm in Playing Alone

There's no harm in playing board games by yourself. After a long day at school or the office, you may want some quiet time at night, and a single player board game will help you get just that.

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