Dirty Minds Game

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Do you have a dirty mind?

The Dirty Minds Game is definitely a great game to play when bored. The game can be played by two to four individual players or teams. The game is designed for players age 18 and older.


The Dirty Minds game was introduced in 1988. It was originally sold in specialty adult gift stores because of its suggestive title. As people began to play the game they realized that there is nothing X-rated about the game and that the clues are designed to be highly suggestive and fun. It is also known as "The world's cleanest dirty game."

The game now has broad distribution and is usually available wherever board games are sold. Dirty Minds is the best selling adult game of all times and is one of the most loved games. It is a fun adult game and it is often played at college, engagement and bachelorette parties.

How to Play the Dirty Minds Game

Each player or team takes a turn reading a series of three suggestive clues to the other players. The players try to guess the answer to which the clues refer. For example:

  • Clue #1 - Schwarzenegger has a long one.
  • Clue #2 - Spike Lee has a short one.
  • Clue #3 - The Pope doesn't use his.

The answer: A last name.

This is not an educational board game. However, you may learn a lot about the other players as they try to guess the answer to which the clues are referring. It is often the case that the player with the least dirty mind has the greatest chance of winning!

Getting Started

The Dirty Minds Game includes:

  • Game cards
  • Booklets of clues with answers
  • Pencils

The owner of the game is given the opportunity to go first.

The person to the right of the game owner starts by reading a clue from their booklet to the game owner. The game owner has one free chance to guess the answer. If the owner does not guess correctly, it will cost a card to guess again.

If the owner guesses the correct answer:

  • After two clues - The owner gets to draw two cards.
  • After three clues - The owner gets to draw three cards.

If the owner does not guess the correct answer after all three clues have been read, the turn moves to the next player or team.

The game continues with players reading clues to the player on their left. After hearing the clues, this "guessing player" on the left gets a free chance to guess the answer. If not successful in guessing, the guessing player has to pay a card to guess and then draws either two or three cards if they guessed the correct answer after two or three clues.

Winning the Game

The first player or team to spell out the word "DIRTY" from their cards wins the game.


A player or team can choose to "pass" and not guess. This would keep them from losing a card.


There are three editions of Dirty Minds:

  • Dirty Minds (The Original)
  • More Dirty Minds - This sequel to the original edition contains an additional 912 clues and 304 answers.
  • Deluxe Dirty Minds - The 15th anniversary edition includes new categories, an expanded collection of clues and answers as well as a game board.

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