Embrace Board Game: Getting Closer in Every Sense

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The Embrace board game is a relationship board game designed to help couples with communication, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. The game is designed to be played by two players. The game is definitely an adult sex game and is designed for players age 18 and older.


Allan Harms designed the Embrace game based on a concept created by Dr. Brian Parker, a sexologist and sex educator.

Dr. Parker created this adult game to be a self-help tool to help couples with their sex lives by:

  • Helping players become more comfortable with their sexuality
  • Open the lines of communication between couples

It is an adult game and is inclusive of all sexual orientations and lifestyles. The game could be used as a gift between partners for any occasion.

How to Play the Embrace Board Game

Embrace is a sex game for couples. The game is designed to educate, but it is not the typical educational board game that is designed for kids. Instead, the game can be as physically active as Twister and has fun questions that start out pretty low key like Dirty Minds and then quickly progress to sexually-explicit questions, challenges and tasks.

Getting Started

The Embrace board game includes:

  • 1 playing board
  • 2 playing pieces
  • 1 die
  • 1 feather tickler
  • 1 blindfold/restraint
  • 1 truth or dare cheat sheet
  • 30 Embrace cards
  • 50 Lovey Dovey question cards
  • 25 Lovey Dovey challenge cards
  • 50 Close Encounters question cards
  • 25 Close Encounters challenge cards
  • 50 Sexstacy question cards
  • 25 Sexstacy challenge cards
  • 6 pass cards
  • Instruction booklet

Playing the Game

Players start by agreeing to play from one of three different levels of play depending on what they want to accomplish with the game:

  • Romantic (Lovey Dovey)
  • Sexual Intimacy (Close Encounters)
  • Hot Sexy (Sexstacy)

Players move their playing pieces throughout the playing board and take turns revealing sexually intimate thoughts and feelings, sharing fantasies and performing sensual challenges with each other. Questions and challenges are included on the questions and challenge cards included with the game. Players also have an opportunity to be naughty or nice when they land on the interactive truth and dare squares on the board.

The questions and challenges on the cards vary according to the level of play chosen. Examples of the questions include:

  • Romantic (Lovey Dovey)
    • What movie love scene would you like to reenact with your partner?
    • What attracted you to your partner?
    • Put on a romantic song and slow dance to it.
  • Sexual Intimacy (Close Encounters)
    • If you were to start your own nudist colony, who would you invite to join?
    • How would you describe your partner in bed?
  • Hot Sexy (Sexstacy)
    • What turns you on more than anything in this world?
    • What are some ways you could spice up your sex life?

Winning the Game

A player wins when he or she lands on the Embrace square, which entitles that player to share a sensual treat with the other player.

Where to Buy

The game is in very limited distribution. To find a store or website that sells the game, contact info@copulus.com. Some of the Embrace retailers include:

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Embrace Board Game: Getting Closer in Every Sense