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Football Board Games


If your football fan cannot fill the void caused by Monday Night Football withdrawal with baseball and basketball season, then the only possible cure is a football board game! Whether you want a game theme that features your favorite team or you want a game that uses real strategy and statistics, you'll find it here.

Football Board Games for Two to Six People

Enjoy these games with a small group of buddies while you nurse the Monday Night Football blues away!

Peace Bowl

Peace Bowl is a card game where players receive 'action' cards and play according to the luck of the draw.

Bowl Bound

Players in Bowl Bound uses stats from top college teams of yesteryear and a lucky roll of dice to determine the outcome of the game.

Pizza Box Football

Cleverly packaged in a pizza box, Pizza Box Football uses strategy to outwit opponents. On each turn, you can choose one of three plays, but you have to use a succinct strategy to win.

Football Board Games for Two Players or Less

Invite a buddy over or get your football fix with these games designed for just one or two people.

Card Football

Card Football is poker like card game. . .with a football feel.

Electric Feel

Electric Football is a historically significant board game as it is the first widely distributed board game to use electricity.

Football Strategy

Football Strategy is similar to the card game of war. One player secretly chooses a defensive play, and the other player secretly chooses an offensive play. Then, players look at a chart to determine the result.

Quarterback Sneak

Quarterback Sneak is a mind bending strategy game for one player. Using a pegboard, you try to get your quarterback peg to the other side by jumping over players.

Strat-o-matic Football

Strat-o-matic Football is a football themed version of the classic strat-o-matic games.

Off the Wall Football Games

These off the wall football like games are games where ideas and elements of football are borrowed but the result isn't strictly a "football board game." Nonetheless, these games are great fun and worthy of your consideration.


Bloodbowl is an entire series of "fantasy" football games where it's man vs. orc. Each "team" takes turns trying to make offensive plays.


Battleball creates a world where the restrictive rules of US football are gone, and players have powers that allow them to play by a new set of rules. The object of the game is to get your player into the end zone without being destroyed. . .all while attempting to destroy your opponent's pieces.

Football Themed Classic Board Games

These are classic board games like Monopoly or Dominoes, with a football theme. Choose your favorite team and enjoy these tried and true games.

Monopoly Editions with Football Themes

Other Pro Football Themed Games

Although it seems almost every team has a Monopoly game, there are a few other games published with your favorite team as the theme.

For Fantasy Football Lovers

The biggest part of fantasy football is strategizing your draft picks. Should you choose high scoring quarterbacks and running backs first, or should you choose a strong defensive team? Maybe you should even take a few chances on some rookies with great potential. Regardless of how you play your fantasy football, these games can help.

Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Fantasy Football Draft Kit How much time would you save by playing out your players' statistics on a board game?

The Official Fantasy Football Home Game

The Officially Licensed Fantasy Football Home Game This is the official version of fantasy football--except now you can play it year round during the off-season.

Football Board Games