Where to Find Free Downloadable Board Games to Play When You Want

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Finding free downloadable board games depends on what kind of board games you like to play or wish to play. Because most of branded board games are copywritten, you may find that you have to pay a fee in order to play them. But if you are looking for something unique, then check out free downloadable board games from independent publishers as well.

Free Downloadable Board Games

At Free Downloadable Board Games.org, you can try a few games that have been out since 2007. Some of the games listed can be made to translate to horizontal board games, so the computer medium just means they are best played on a screen. For example, in the game Fast Fingers you simply click the numbered boxes in ascending order with your mouse. The challenge? You must click from one to the highest number within six seconds to make it to the next level. The real board version could go something like:

  • Cut out medium sized squares and number them "1" to however many you cut out. Ideally, around 30.
  • The player must put the squares in a pile in ascending order with six seconds.
  • You start with one through five and continue to add another for each successful turn.

Alive Games

For a collection of Mah Jong games and one free downloadable board game of chess and backgammon, then visit Alive Games. Many of the games are Mah Jong or offshoots of Mah Jong or even enhancements to the original Mah Jong board game. One of the gems at this site is War Chess. It's a beautifully created game with superb graphics and a strong chess engine.

Traditional Board Games

In the spirit of traditional board games where you play on a 2D surface, take a look at the following games:

Battle for Moscow

Battle for Moscow is a Risk-like game where you try to control the city of Moscow. One player commands the German army, and the other commands the Soviet army. During each turn, the players have four phases that must be completed so that "zones of control" may be occupied. To print the free downloadable board game components, go to Battle for Moscow Official Page.

Invisible City Productions

For truly independent and free downloadable board games, try Invisible City Productions. There are over 50 different games for you to try that vary from board games to party games. Some are just plain silly, while other require good strategies. A few of the games, like Fantasy RPG Checkers, modifies a traditional board game with different rules. Many of the games only require household items for board games you may already have. Any of the games that need a special board has PDF files associated with them where you can print out the boards and any specific games pieces that are use for game play.

What's Free?

Free games may mean one of two things: 1) That there is a copyright on the original board game and the website may only be able to offer a trial version, or 2) the game is 100% free, but 100% independent, and the maker may not support the game beyond the offer on the website.

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Where to Find Free Downloadable Board Games to Play When You Want