4 Fun Drinking Card Games to Give a Shot (and Take a Shot)


There are many fun drinking card games to try when you have your next gathering. These games can serve as an effective icebreaker, or work as a stress reliever with co-workers or a close group of companions who just need to let loose as the weekend approaches.

Fun Drinking Card Games to Try

Just like traditional card games, there are many drinking games that involve cards. Many are regional or invented while under the influence by players. However, there is also quite a collection of standard games you can try. The three mentioned below attempt to explain the best in the lot, so you can get right to playing like a pro at your next get together.

Across the Bridge

This game is for two players and requires one deck of cards. Deal out ten cards face down in a straight line, to signify a bridge. Then, each player takes turns flipping over one card. Numbered cards are "safe," and you are permitted to proceed to the next card with no consequence. If you flip a face card, you have to drink according to what you flip. An ace is four drinks, king equals three, queen finds you at two, and the jack only requires one shot. After turning a face card, you must put down more cards equaling what you flipped.

Beer Snap

If you've ever played Snap, then you already know how to play Beer Snap. With two or more players, deal a deck of cards between two players, and then they place a flipped card onto the pile. If the card is equal to the previous card's value, then players must shout "snap!" The player who shouts it out first wins the cards in the flipped pile. The final person who shouts "snap" must drink a designated amount of beer that is decided upon beforehand.

California Kings

One of the more intense drinking games, California Kings is played with a deck of cards spread around a large cup face down. Players take turns drawing them in order clockwise. The draws equal the following:

  • 2-6 Black - Drink a number of drinks equaling the card's value (2 of spades equals 2 drinks)
  • 2-6 Red - Give that amount of drinks to the other players.
  • 7 - Everyone chugs drinks until the one who draws stops.
  • 8- The last person to place his or her thumb on the table has to drink.
  • 9- Everyone makes up a sentence that rhymes with the sentence before them. The one who can't think of a rhyme in time must drink.
  • 10- Categories are thought of by the card drawer. An example would be song titles, and the first person who cannot think of one gets to drink.
  • Ace - The one who draws, toasts the players, and everyone takes a drink.
  • Jack - Guys drink.
  • Queen - Women drink.
  • King - The one who draws pours some of his or her drink into the large cup, and anyone who violates game rules has to chug the large cup contents.

Cops and Robbers

For setup, the dealer should take one card from the deck for each person playing. This should include only one king and only one ace. The rest of the cards should be numbered cards.

  1. Give each player one card face down. The person who gets the king is designated the cop. The person who gets the ace is designated the robber.
  2. Have all players put their cards on the table face down, then stare at the other players. The robber now has to wink at one person, ideally without the other players noticing.
  3. The person that gets winked at says "I've been robbed."
  4. The cop reveals himself or herself and chooses one person he or she thinks is the robber.
  5. The targeted person turns over his or her card. If he or she is the robber, this person takes a drink. If it is not the robber, the cop drinks the number of times equal to the number on the person's card.
  6. The cop continues to guess players until pinpointing the robber. Then, play starts again.

Play Responsibly

Sometimes playing these games can cause you to become very intoxicated without realizing it. To minimize the risk, play with beer instead of hard liquor. Also, remember that when you have to take a drink - you don't have to take a gulp. You can take a small sip.

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