Geography Board Games

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Geography board games are a fun way to travel around the world without having to pack a suitcase. Finding the best geography game for kids and adults can be easy if you do a little research.

Geography Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Players of all ages can increase their knowledge of geography facts while they compete against other players to complete their travels. A little reading of a few clues can lead players into fast-moving fun for all ages.

Many of the newest games are designed for up to six individual players or teams so they work well in school and party settings.

Some versions of geography board games are specifically-designed to enhance geography education by tailoring the questions to specific grade levels. Games range from very intense geography sessions up to more action-oriented competition such as Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and Geography Pictionary.

Selecting the Best Game

Geography games are best chosen by the recommended age level of the players. This will ensure that the game information will be readable and understandable by all players. If you select a game that is designed for the wrong age group, you run the risk of either boring or confusing the players - either way, the fun will be gone.

Geography Board Games for All Ages

For Younger Players

  • Great States Junior - This is a great way to introduce preschoolers to a map of the United States. Players learn about the states while they take turns matching colors, shapes, letters and objects. For two to four players, ages four to seven.

For Players At Specific Grade Levels

  • Brain Quest - Know The States! - Players move around the game board answering questions about cities, states, oceans, rivers, parks, industries, crops and cultures from various places in the United States. Questions available for 3rd/4th grade and for 5th/6th/7th grade players. For two or more players, ages eight and up.
  • Brain Quest - Around The World - Players play at their own grade level by selecting questions for 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade and 7th grade and up. For two or more players, ages eight and up.
  • Lewis & Clark Adventure Game - Players travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean through the wilderness acquired from France in the Louisiana Purchase in the early 1800s. Two levels of questions make this a great game for families or kids of different ages to play together. For two to four players, ages six and up.
  • Where in the World - Players learn the locations, names and facts of 196 countries spread over six regional maps. There are six levels of play, so this is a particularly good game if the players are of various ages. For two to six players, ages eight and up.

For Spanish-Speaking Players

  • Hop Off! - Players toss a beanbag onto a state on the giant map and then hop to his or her target state naming each state they pass along the way. Very high energy. Fun for team play. The rules are in English and Spanish. For two to six players, ages seven and up.

For Kids and Adults

  • Great States - Players answer questions about the states like the capital, landmarks and attractions before the timer runs out. For two to six players, ages seven and up.
  • Reading Roadway USA - Players learn fun facts while they build their reading comprehension skills. For two to four players, ages eight and up.
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego - Players use geography clues, logic and deductive reasoning to find the glob-trotting thief Carmen Sandiego. For two to six players, ages ten and up.
Geography Board Games