Goth Board Game: Playing Pure Gothic Horror (For Fun, Of Course)

Updated August 25, 2021
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If you're ready for a little nostalgia, break out your jet-black platform boots and your favorite silver jewelry because this goth board game, Goth: The Game of Horror Trivia, will take you on a twisted trivia path from historic horror to true crime sensations. The game's macabre-themed questions allow players to guess the answers to some of the most obscure gothic and popular culture trivia around. Think Trivial Pursuit is tough? Then you haven't played Goth! And warning: This game is best suited for adults.

Playing Goth: The Game of Horror Trivia

The Goth board game was created by Matthew Nuccio and manufactured by McNutty Games in 2002. The object of the game is to correctly answer enough trivia questions to receive 13 headstones; for every correct question you answer, you receive one headstone and get yourself that much closer to winning the game. Keep in mind that the game is no longer in print, meaning that if you don't already have a copy nearby, you'll have to find one at a thrift store or online reseller.

Playing Pieces Included in the Game

Goth: The Game of Horror Trivia comes with the following playing pieces:

  • 1 game board that resembles a graveyard with four graveyards on the board
  • 200 double-sided game cards with 2,000 questions
  • 1 die
  • 52 tombstones
  • Four playing pieces

Types of Trivia Questions To Expect

The questions are broken down into six unique categories:

  • Movie Mayhem: Everything and anything to do with horror movies, including actors, directors, release dates, and specific scenes
  • Alchemy: Miscellaneous category regarding everything macabre, including serial killers and autopsies
  • Music Macabre: Hard rock and metal genres including singers, lyrics, and band names
  • Bloody Tales and Poetry: Focuses on highlighting old horror fiction and poems
  • Stiffs: More difficult questions from any of the above categories
  • Wildcard: When a player rolls a six, they can answer a question from any category

Beware the Special Squares

This game, which is intended for people older than the age of 13, also has four "special" squares scattered throughout the board. Players must heed caution when landing on them because some of them can give you a quick advantage and others will set you back on your journey. These squares include:

  • Dead: Players lose a turn if they land on the 'dead' squares.
  • Pool of Blood: Besides being each player's starting point in the game, which "pool" a player lands on depends on how a question is chosen for that player.
  • Grave Robber: The player gets to steal another player's tombstone if they land on a 'grave robber' square.
  • Full Moon: A tombstone can be taken away if a question is answered wrong while on a 'full moon' square.

Positive Reviews Show Promise

If you're not fully sold on the game just yet, thankfully there are a bounty of reviewers out there proving that this game can be a great time. Here's just a few of the things that people are talking about Goth: The Game of Horror Trivia:

  • Reviewer William F. Bultas "digs" this Goth board game, saying it would make a great gift for Halloween.
  • The average review score is three stars out of a possible five, with most customers loving the obscure ghoulish questions.
  • Nights and Weekends: Reviewer Melody Packman loves this game, stating that it is "very fun for enlightened people in the gothic culture and lovers of horror movies and literature."

It's Fang-Tastic Fun

Halloween isn't the only time that you can spread your bat wings and enjoy some spooky activities. In fact, with the rise of the true crime genre, there's only been a huge surge in all-things-horror. So, gather your friends, light a few candles, and get ready for some fang-tastic fun with Goth: The Game of Horror Trivia.

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