Heroscape Board Game: How to Get Started With the Action

 HeroScape board game

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About HeroScape

Heroscape is a role-playing and action adventure board game set in the world of Valhalla, where time is boundless and power, magic and chaos resides. Battle in dangerous terrains, explore mysteries and find hidden artifacts. It is a game that can be played in different scenarios, levels of challenge and customizable with an interchangeable board.

Game Set Up

To begin the game, you need to set up your battlefield. Depending on which scenario you choose, follow the diagrams set up in your game manual and place the tiles and glyph pieces as shown.

Next, choose your army (good or evil) and place your army cards in front of you and their corresponding figures on the battlefield. There are two types of army cards, Heroes and Squads. A hero is always a single character that has very powerful strength. Your squad will be card(s) that will show two or more less powerful warriors that you can command. Your skill level, whether it is basic or expert will define which side your army cards will face.

Each army card shows the character's range, move number along with their attack and defense strength. This information will be useful when planning attacks and move more strategically.

The last thing to do to set up the game is to place the 12 combat dice near the playing field.

Basic Gameplay

In this game, there is no set order on who goes first. In each round, both players roll six combat dice to determine who starts first that time. Whoever gets the most skulls showing on their dice gets to move first.During each player's turn, there are three tasks you need to complete. These are listed below:

  1. Choose an Army card to use during the current round. Select carefully to try and gain the best combat advantage.
  2. Move the figure(s) that are noted on the Army card. The character's stats are listed will tell you how many spaces you can legally move in a turn. You can move less spaces if you want. Movement is only limited by encountering enemies or water. You cannot pass enemies and if you hit water, you must stop moving any further during your current turn.
  3. Now it's time to attack any enemies in your army's reach. Attacks are based on your character's range and line of sight. To be in the line of sight, your target must not be blocked by a ruin or ledge.

Announce to your opponent which of your characters is the attacker and whom you're attacking. Check out your attack number on your Army card, and then roll that number of dice. After you roll, your opponent rolls the number of dice shown as their defense number. For every skull you roll, your opponent must roll at least one shield to block it. If you roll more skulls than your opponent does shields, you win the round and the defender is destroyed. However, a roll of the same number of skulls or less than your opponent's shields, will result in a round of attack has no consequences. Combat continues in the existing round until all figures that can battle have attacked.

Winning the Game The player who achieves the victory objective of the game scenario chosen wins the game. As you become more experienced with the game, you may want to try the Master level or create your own battlefields and win conditions.

Where to Buy HeroScape Cheap

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Trying to buy HeroScape cheap may not be an easy task, but the game is a whole lot of fun to play. Whether you choose to try the good or evil side, it is a versatile board game fit for fans of role-playing combat and adventure titles.

By Sheila Robinson

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Heroscape Board Game: How to Get Started With the Action