10 History Board Games That Offer a Glimpse to the Past


Looking for fun history board games with rules that anyone can play? Look no further! We've got a list of the most popular award-winning history board games that everyone in your family can play.

Fun for the Entire Family

Just because history seems hard to learn doesn't mean it can't also be fun. History games with rules that are easy to follow for all family members will give you time to bond and learn at the same time. The following games are perfect for family night, or any time you want to sit down and have fun together!

Young Players

The following games are for children 6 and up. These games can be played with younger players with the assistance of older players who can read.

  • Lewis and Clark Adventure Game- learn all about the history of the Lewis and Clark adventure and the people and cultures they discovered along the way. This board game uses cards designed for two different skill levels so that players of all ages can have fun together.
  • Trail Blazer- collect treasure; risk your fortune and travel across America from the Colonial times to the present. Players use question, treasure and adventure cards; basic reading skills needed or the game should be played with older family members.
  • Professor Noggins Famous Inventions Game- this fun trivia game encourages children to learn about famous inventors. Players use dice and picture cards with trivia questions and answers on the back. Each card poses questions in an easy and hard format so players of all ages can have fun. If you enjoy this game there are plenty more Professor Noggin trivia games to add to your collection.

History Board Games With Rules for Tweens

Who said learning history has to be dull? Check out these new games that will have tween players learning without even trying!

  • Made For Trade- this Colonial America game allows players to play one of four different board games. Learn how the barter system worked by shopping in various stores, buy your freedom if you're an indentured servant and don't forget to pay your taxes!
  • Bethump'd With Words- increase your vocabulary with this fun board game. Game cards have six levels of difficulty so tweens and adults can learn and play. Learn idioms, Briticisms, homographs and more with this board game.
  • Feilong The China Game- this game has three levels of playing, for beginner through expert. Study China from the Neolithic era to the present.

History Games for Teens

Teens may think that learning history is dry and boring, but these games will change their minds! Check out these board games that teach about history in an informative and challenging way:

  • The Plays The Thing- if you or your teen is studying Shakespeare, consider acquiring this fun board game. Learn about Shakespeare's characters, plots, his famous quotes and play endings while living in 1603 Elizabethan England. Face duels, the plague and more in fast paced game.
  • Artifacts Game- if archeology is your thing, then this game will fit the bill. Search for lost and stolen artifacts around the world and avoid giving too much information to potential thieves. Negotiate your way around the board and be the first to return 24 artifacts to their respective countries.
  • Mona Lisa Mysteries Game- the time- 1913. Players try to decide who has the authentic Mona Lisa Painting, which was stolen from the Louvre by a misguided Italian patriot. Which art collector has the best information? Choose the right clues and you'll win this game and return the correct Mona Lisa to the Louvre.

Where to Buy History Board Games

Not sure where to find these great games for your family? If you are unable to find them locally in toy or retail stores, try these online retailers:

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10 History Board Games That Offer a Glimpse to the Past