How to Make a Jeopardy Board Game

Index cards for Jeopardy Board Game

There are two different ways you can learn how to make a Jeopardy board game. The first is the old fashioned way with physical materials like index cards, and the second is the high-tech way with your computer. Both are fun, and it just depends on what you have available and how much time you have to complete the game.

How to Make a Jeopardy Board Game the Old Fashioned Way

Materials Needed:

  1. Index cards
  2. Large piece of cardboard (6 ft. by 6 ft., or something around that size)
  3. 100 or more "answers"
  4. A prize

That doesn't sound like a lot, does it? Well, that's how easy this version is to make. On each index card write the answers to the questions. However many answers you want depends on the size of your cardboard. The answer matrix should be even, meaning you should have a Jeopardy board 5x5 or 6x6. One the other side of the index cards will be your point values. Your easier ones will range in value from 100-500 in 100 point increments and will be taped on one side of the board. The hard answers will be double points ranging from 200-1000 in 200 point increments and will go on the other side of the board. You should have one Final Jeopardy question that is harder than all the rest.

Use paper and pencils and have the contestants keep track of their points. As for deciding who gets to answer the answer--a simple raising of the hand can determine this. Give out your prize, and you have successfully run a Jeopardy board game.

Now you might wonder how you can play the game if you are the one that made the game and researched all the questions and answers. That's one downside to making your own trivia board game: you need to be the host to settle any disputes and do any off-the-cuff research if someone challenges an answer. However, hosting can be enjoyable; Alex Trebeck loves it.

The Hi-Tech Way to Make a Jeopardy Game

Materials Needed:

  1. A computer
  2. A copy of Microsoft Powerpoint
  3. Some basic knowledge on using Powerpoint
  4. A "Jeopardy" Template (if you didn't want to create an electronic board from scratch)
  5. 100 or more "answers"

Want to learn how to make a Jeopardy board game with the technology you probably already have in your home? Turn on your computer, open up Microsoft Powerpoint, and download any one of the numerous templates you can find that recreate the Jeopardy game board.

Template Resources:

  • The Balance allows you to download a basic template for Jeopardy as well as eight variations.
  • Jeopardy Templates. You can download specific templates related to math, geometry, and vocabulary or use the generic Jeopardy template to create your own. These template were created by teachers.

After downloading a template, the next step is to enter in your answers. Make sure you run the spell checker before you save and present to avoid any embarrassment.

Why Make a Jeopardy Board Game?

Are you tired of the obscure answers that appear on the television show? Do you want a specialized Jeopardy game based on James Bond or Lord of the Rings? Maybe you'd like to get your son involved in research or the fun of trivia. Any of those three could be reasons you'd want to make your own Jeopardy board game. You can make a homemade version of the popular television show fun especially with a little prep work.

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How to Make a Jeopardy Board Game