What is the Jeopardy Board Game? Everything You Need to Know

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Test your trivia skills with the Jeopardy board game and enjoy playing a game that is not only fun, but is also educational. The Jeopardy board game is a great family-friendly game to play during a game night or party and works well for those age 12 and older.

Playing the Jeopardy Board Game

Jeopardy can be played with three to five players, but you can also team up if you're with more people for some added fun. The game takes around 45 minutes to an hour to play through. The winner of the game is the player who has the most money at the end. Keep in mind winning not only depends on how well you answer questions, but how strategically you wager. The original Jeopardy board game costs around $18 and several versions can be purchased.

What's Included With the Jeopardy Board Game

The Jeopardy board game components will vary based on the version purchased. The Jeopardy board game is easy to set up and most versions will come with:

  • Game board or card stands
  • Clickers to buzz in
  • Play money
  • Response booklet
  • Rule book
Jeopardy board game
Jeopardy Board Game

Rules for the Jeopardy Board Game

Once the game board is set up and the clickers are distributed, pick one person to be the host of the game. The host will read the corresponding answers to the category and dollar amount selected by the player. For older game versions, the host will then hide the double jeopardy cards randomly behind the card stands so the players can't see them. Once the game starts:

  1. The first player selects a category and one of the dollar values.
  2. The host removes the value card from the display board so that everyone can see the answer on the board.
  3. The first player to signal with the clicker attempts to give the question that goes with the answer.
  4. If the player gives the correct question, he or she makes another selection of a category and dollar value. The player continues as long as they continue to answer correctly.
  5. If the player gives the wrong question, the last correct player gets to make the selection of the category and dollar value.
  6. After all the answers have been exposed, the display board is updated to double the dollar values for this round, called "Double Jeopardy."
  7. The player with the least amount of money starts the questioning. After all the answers have been exposed, Double Jeopardy is over.
  8. "Final Jeopardy" begins for players who still have money. Players decide how much they want to risk. Each player gives a question for the final answer. Players with the correct question receive the amount of money they risked.

How to Win the Jeopardy Board Game

The player who ends up with the most money at the end of the board game wins. Besides getting the most questions correct, you can also:

  • Strategically place bets during double and final jeopardy.
  • Only answer questions that you are sure that you know so you don't lose money.
  • Be quick to answer questions that your opponent doesn't know- this gives you more time to ensure you know the answer.
  • Brush up on trivia and read about different topics that interest you before playing to give you a leg up on the competition.

Jeopardy Board Game Versions

There are around 30 Jeopardy board game variations that vary in price depending on availability. Some versions include:

  • Hungarian, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Dutch, and Swedish Editions: Because of the game's popularity, many versions in various languages were created so more people could enjoy this fun game.
  • 1986, 2003, 2005, 2006 Pressman Editions: Pressman released several editions including a travel version for Jeopardy on the go.
  • Milton Bradley Versions: Milton Bradley released around 10 editions of this beloved game, with updated answers and game boards with each new version.
  • Tyco: They released a few editions featuring Alex Trebek on their packaging box, as well as a Masters' version.
  • Jeopardy! Junior: This version was published in 2001 by Dan-Spil for players ages 10 and up.

The Rise of Jeopardy's Popularity

Jeopardy is America's original television trivia game. The show first aired in 1964 on NBC with Art Fleming as the host. The name was chosen because the contestant could win or lose money with each question, so their money was always in "jeopardy." The current Jeopardy format came to CBS in 1984 and remains in syndication with Alex Trebek as the host. Jeopardy ranks as one of the top-rated syndicated shows so it's no wonder why so many viewers want to play the board game at home.

Have Fun Playing the Jeopardy Board Game

The Jeopardy board game is the perfect game to play on family game night, at a birthday party, or during events with friends and family. This educational game is super fun to play and is an awesome option for anyone who enjoys a little friendly competition.

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What is the Jeopardy Board Game? Everything You Need to Know