Kim Possible Board Game Overview: What's the Sitch?

Kim Possible board game

The Kim Possible board game, published by Hasbro keeps the spirit of the Disney cartoon series while giving each player a chance to win. Initially, you might find the instructions a little much, but after a few rounds of play you should get the hang of it and it will as easy as playing Candyland or Sorry.

Gameplay for the Kim Possible Board Game

There are two version of the game you can play. The basic rules are easy to pick up and allow you to jump into the game quickly for younger children and beginners. A spinner is used to move pieces for this version. The advanced version adds walls to the board so it's more restrictive and creates more of a challenge for players. A custom die is used in this version.

The first player to complete missions in each of the regions are the winners. You have missions like get ready for school, eat lunch, capture a Ninja Monkey, and capture Drakken. Since you may not move the same piece twice in a row, your goal is to block players from advancing pieces to complete the missions. The more cards they get, the quicker they complete the missions and the quicker they will win the game.

One different aspect to the Kim Possible board game is that you don't use the same gamepiece for the entire game. You might use Kim one round, then Rufus the next round, then Ron the next. It is even possible that you will have to move Drakken. You move the pieces to four regions that include Kim's house, high school, a jungle, and Drakken's lair.

For Parents and Children

Kim Possible has a decent cult following with adults and a loyal base with children and both groups will enjoy this game. Each session should take about 20-35 minutes depending on which version of the game you play. The first time out, expect a game to last about an hour. It is recommended that someone should read the instructions beforehand and maybe even play a game with another adult before a major game is started so that the game is clear and can be explained the same way. That way, when a question comes up, you won't need to interrupt the game by looking at the instructions.

Since anyone playing the game has a chance to play, no gameplay session will be the same, which gives the game a very high replay value and will keep the younger kids wanting to keep playing the game.


For 2 to 4 players, the basic rules can be played with ages 6 and up while the advanced rules are for ages 8 and up. While everyone will have fun with this game, it's possible older children will find the game boring despite the advanced option available. The game was published in 2004, so it is a bit older and might be hard to find. Some consider the Kim Possible board game a collector's item and places like or for new and used versions of the game might be your best bet. Disney keeps it tradition of fun spin-offs of their shows when they created the board game Kim Possible, like their High School Musical board game.

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Kim Possible Board Game Overview: What's the Sitch?