Naked Twister: What You Need to Know

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Any game can be played naked, and there also are well-established strip versions of chess, checkers, and Twister. However, Naked Twister works especially well, and has many variations. Which variation appeals to you depends on why you're playing and who you're playing with.

Overview of Twister Rules

The basic rules of Twister are simple. One player spins the spinner, and then each player must try to place the designated body part on a vacant circle of the designated color. Any player that touches the mat with an elbow or knee or falls to the mat is disqualified. The last person still on the mat is the winner.

Who Should Play Naked Twister?

Naked Twister is a game for consenting adults. It's usually a game for two, but group play is certainly possible.

It's important for everyone in the game to be playing for the same reasons. This can be a fun way to spice up your love life or an unusual bonding experience with friends, but the two motivations rarely mix well.

Variations for Every Taste

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Use these variations to add even more excitement to the game, or to avoid situations that make other players uncomfortable. Standard Twister rules apply unless expressly contradicted by the variation.

  • Individual Mats: Use one mat per player, with each player occupying a mat alone. This variant plays more like competitive yoga than conventional Twister, but is more comfortable for players who are willing to look but not touch.
  • No Touching: The players occupy one mat, but avoid touching each other. If two or more players touch, the player or players who were moving are eliminated. This variation is challenging, and games are likely to be short.
  • No Touching Naughty Bits: Players can touch, but some body parts are "naughty bits" and out of bounds. Any player touching a naughty bit is eliminated. The players decide which body parts are naughty, but the typical choices are breasts/chest, genitals, and butt. The naughty bits are the same for men and women.
  • Oil Time: Everyone gets oiled up with baby oil before the game begins. This makes the game much more challenging, since players will be slipping on the mat and each other.
  • Only Naughty Bits Touch: No, the naughty bits aren't touching each other. Instead of using your hands and feet to touch circles, use your breasts/chest, genitals, or butt. As with the earlier variant, players can decide which body parts are naughty.
  • Un-Strip Twister: Everyone starts naked. When a player would be eliminated, that player stays in the game. Each other player gets to put on one piece of clothing. Any player that gets five pieces of clothing on wins the game. Players must remain in position on the mat while dressing, which is likely to lead to more falls and more clothes.

Three Things You Shouldn't Do

Even though Naked Twister can be fun and light-hearted, there is some etiquette that you should follow.

  1. Don't make fun of others' nakedness. The atmosphere should be comfortable. People have come to play Naked Twister, not get ridiculed or degraded.
  2. Don't exclude anyone. Make sure everyone plays. Twister is normally optimal with two or three players, but four or five can play. If you have more people then have several sets available so everyone can get involved.
  3. Don't surprise your guests. Make sure they know beforehand that you will be playing Naked Twister. Give them some time to work up to playing the game. Some people have no problem getting to their skin, but be considerate to those who need time to muster the courage even though they really do want to play.

Keep It Playful

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you're there to have fun. Loosen up, laugh, tell funny jokes about nudity, and enjoy each other's company. Games provide a "magic circle" where it's okay to step away from the worries of real life. If you bring a playful attitude to Naked Twister, you'll quickly find yourself shedding your cares and inhibitions along with your clothes.

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Naked Twister: What You Need to Know