Naked Twister: What You Need to Know

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Celebrate the hot summer months while simultaneously cooling yourself down with a round of naked Twister. A well-known naughtier version of the classic mid-century contortionist game, naked Twister will have you seeing parts of yourself you never expected to in no time at all.

Classic Twister Comes First

Classic Twister follows a few simple rules which you need to be familiar with as they translate into naked Twister as well. One player spins the provided spinner, and designated players must try to place their specific body parts on a vacant circle of the chosen color. Any player that touches the mat with an elbow or knee or falls to the mat is disqualified (and beware disqualification by the dreaded London Bridge effect where you get so twisted up in each other that when one of you falls down, you all fall down). The last person still on the mat is the winner.

Classic Twister After Dark

Naked Twister is a game meant for consenting adults, and although it's usually played between two people, it's absolutely possible for a group of people to play together. It's important for everyone who's going to jump feet-first into the game to be comfortable with what's going on and that everyone knows that they can bow out at any time should they ever get uncomfortable. Generally speaking, naked Twister isn't that much different from regular Twister, except that players start the game off without any clothes on. The close quarters people will find themselves contorted in throughout the game can lead to some true dirty dancing or and hilariously intimate positions. Either way, the game still concludes once one person on the mat is left standing.

Come to a Consensus About the Rules

Since players are going to be put in vulnerable positions throughout the game, it's incredibly important that everyone agrees and is fully aware of all of the rules you're putting into place. Such nuanced rules your group or duo might come up with include: no touching genitalia, allowing people to shift positions if their faces are near delicate bits, and so on. Either way, it's incredibly important that everyone involved has a say in what's permitted and what isn't so no one is coerced into doing something that they're uncomfortable with.

Three Additional Things You Shouldn't Do

Even though Naked Twister is meant to be fun and light-hearted, there is some basic etiquette that you should follow:

  • Don't make fun of other people's nakedness - Human bodies are wonderful, strange, and incredibly unique. No person's body should be derided, nor should they be negatively or lasciviously commented on. But, if you don't feel comfortable with nakedness for the sake of nakedness, naked Twister isn't the game for you.
  • Don't exclude anyone - Make sure everyone who wants to play gets the opportunity to. Twister is optimally played between two or three players, but that doesn't mean that there's a limit to the number of people who can play. If you have more people committed to the game, then you might want to have several sets available or have multiple rounds so that everyone has a chance at the winning title.
  • Don't surprise your guests - If you're thinking about putting naked Twister on your evening's activities menu, make sure that your guests know beforehand that they'll be seeing more of you than they previously expected. Once you've given notice, be respectful to people who choose not to come to your event because of the game or who want to leave early to avoid playing the game; consent is key, and no one should be forced to be either a participant or a bystander to that kind of bare vulnerability.

Variations for Every Taste

There's a never-ending list of ways that you can switch up the way that you play Twister, and the same goes for Naked Twister as well. These variations can add even more excitement to the game, or can help you avoid situations that make other players uncomfortable. Some of these 'twists' include:

  • Use individual nats: Use one mat per player, with each player occupying a mat alone. This variant plays more like competitive yoga than conventional Twister, but is more comfortable for players who are willing to look but not touch.
  • Implement a no touching rule: The players occupy one mat, but avoid touching each other. If two or more players touch, the player or players who were moving are eliminated. This variation is challenging, and rounds are likely to be short.
  • Implement a no touching naughty bits rule: Players can touch, but some body parts are determined to be "naughty bits" and are considered out of bounds. Any player touching a naughty bit is eliminated. The players decide which body parts are naughty, but the typical choices are breasts/chest, genitals, and butt.
  • Get ready to get slippery: Everyone gets oiled up with baby oil before the game begins. This makes the game much more challenging, since players will be slipping on the mat and each other.
  • Implement an only naughty bits touch rule: No, the naughty bits aren't touching each other. Instead of using your hands and feet to touch circles, use your breasts/chest, genitals, or butt. As with the earlier variant, players can decide which body parts are naughty.
  • Un-strip twister: Everyone starts naked. When a player would be eliminated, that player stays in the game. Each other player gets to put on one piece of clothing. Any player that gets five pieces of clothing on wins the game. Players must remain in position on the mat while dressing, which is likely to lead to more falls and more clothes.

Get Naughty With Naked Twister

Lose your inhibitions in a different way at your next game night with a round of naked Twister. Leave the cameras at home but get ready to bring the laughs with this down and dirty version of everyone's favorite childhood party game.

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Naked Twister: What You Need to Know