How the New Clue Board Game Differs from the Classic

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In 2008, nearly 60 years after the popular board game Clue hit shelves, Hasbro decided to give it a makeover. By moving the game of Clue from a traditional mansion to a more modern party house, the makers of Clue have brought the classic game into the 21st century. Add this new updated version of Clue to the rotation during your next family game night.

Components of the New Clue Game

Game Board

In the new Clue you will not find the all of the same places as the old game. The mansion has received a makeover to become a hip party spot. Gone are the library, billiard room and conservatory. The new game includes the kitchen, dining room and hall from the old game and new rooms, including:

  • A spa
  • Living room
  • Observatory
  • A theater
  • Guest house
  • A patio

In addition to the different rooms, the characters start from different places on the board. By choosing one character over another, you may be able to get into a room faster.

Game Characters

This new Clue board game also has a new roster of playable characters with familiar last names. All characters now have first names, occupations and new images. They include:

  • Jacob Green, a guy with connections
  • Diane White, a former child star
  • Victor Plum, a video game designer
  • Kasandra Scarlet, a movie star
  • Eleanor Peacock, a girl from a wealthy family
  • Jack Mustard, a pro football player

Available Weapons

Clue Board Game

Gone are the lead pipe and wrench from the original game, though some of the weapons have remained. Instead of six weapons, there are now nine including:

  • Rope
  • Knife
  • Candlestick
  • Dumbbell
  • Poison
  • Axe
  • Bat
  • Trophy
  • Pistol

Game Cards

Like in the original game, players are dealt cards that feature the weapons, characters and rooms in the mansion. They use these cards to discover the crime that was committed. A new addition to the game is the pool in the middle of the game board. A special room in the mansion, it contains any undealt cards. Players may enter the pool to look at the cards and cross out suspects.

Also included in the game are "intrigue cards." When you land on a spot with a question mark, you draw an intrigue card, which may give you a special advantage in the game

Other Components

The game pieces and notepads take on a different look in the new clue as well. Instead of moving colored pawns, you move clear question marks with colored bases. The notepad is designed to look like a dinner napkin and contains space for marking down your notes.

How to Play

Even though the new Clue looks a lot different, the rules of play are similar to the classic version.

  • At the beginning of the game three cards are placed into a confidential file.
  • After that, players are dealt equal numbers of cards.
  • Players roll the dice and try to enter rooms.
  • When a player enters a room, he makes a guess about who committed the crime, the weapon that was used and the room that it was committed in.
  • The person making a guess then asks the player on his right if he has any cards related to the guess.
  • If the player has one or more cards, he shows one to the guesser. Otherwise, the player on the left is asked.
  • If no one can produce a card to match the guess, the player checks the confidential file to see if the cards match the guess.

Where to Find the Game

You can find the new version of Clue at most toy shops or department stores, online or in person. Check out Amazon, or if you have trouble finding it, Hasbro offers a search tool to help you find retailers of the game near you.

Update Your Collection

Update your game collection to include the new Clue. The method play is similar to the classic game and the new intrigue cards and different rooms in the mansion add intensity and freshness. Fans of the classic game will enjoy this new take, while younger players will get hooked on the modern components.

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