5 Pirate Board Games That'll Shiver Your Timbers

The Jolly Roger

One may think that thanks to Johnny Depp and the Pirates of the Carribbean movie franchise that the pirate board game world would begin to boom. This is not the case! The world at large has always been intrigued by pirates that swashbuckled their way into lore and myth. Erol Flynn stormed the riggings, and Sloth dawned the tricorn hat to save the Goonies way back when. Board games dedicated to pirates have been available for years.

Arghhhhhhh Avast ye Scallywags - Pirates off the Bow!

Pirates have been a part of our culture for hundreds of years, and the games that they inspire have been around a long time as well and can vary in style of play. Depending on your love of pirates and board games, the pirate board game that you choose to play should be an extension of what you personally enjoy.

There are really only two types of pirate games:

  1. Adventure driven pirate games-These typically include a scenario, some dice and a goal that must be completed in order to properly win and defeat your other opponents
  2. Historically accurate pirate games- These are also available and will cover the history of piracy in a fun sort of way

There will always be differences between the games you play. Some will use real life pirates as the pawns or some made-up, colorful versions. Other games will be very accurate to the history of piracy; while others will simply be a very loose, story-based game of fun. Whichever you play, fun is assured if you get in to the game. Try playing one of these gems on talk like a pirate day - dress up and really get into the story and fun.

Pirate Board Game Rundown

The following games are recommended board games dealing with pirates in all of their infamy. There are many more pirate boardgames than those listed below:

Bloody Pirate!: Created byDragonfire Signs allows the players to set sail for piracy fun. The game is two games in one. The first has you and your pirate crew scrounging for booty against each other. The second game is a scenario driven game. Both games are for 2-6 players.

Dread Pirate: A Front Porch Classics game that comes in a pirate chest with cloth map, heavy metal pirate ships and even replica gold dubloons! This makes this game very cool. You are all pirates setting sail to loot other pirates as well as islands while trying to avoid the hazards on the high seas. This is a very fun game even for younger children, and the cards include historical facts. Buccaneer's Revenge, an add-on for Dread Pirate, was released recently and has the pirates going on specific missions.

Escape From Pirate Island: For two players ages 12 and up, one player commands 6 pirate vessels, while the other assumes the roll of the King's fleet. There are several ways either side can win. The game is several years old and published by Wolf Mountain Games.

Pirate's Cove: Published by RoseArt and suitable for 2-4 players ages 4 and up, the players match keys, Jolly Rogers and other items to earn coins. The player who achieves six coins and reaches the pirate ship is declared the winner.

Pirate King: Created by Temple Games, the game is meant for 2-4 or more players ages 8 and up. The players are captains of their own ships with the goal of conquering islands and building up fortresses. Captains must outfit their ships with crew and cannon. The game is more than just warfare as it combines finance management and strategy all in the hope of becoming the Pirate King.

Mainstream game companies also have pirate themed games - primarily Pirates of the Carribbean focused. These games include the Game of Life, Monopoly and some stand alone games like Pirate's Dice. No matter your taste in games or pirates there is a game out there for you.


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5 Pirate Board Games That'll Shiver Your Timbers