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Uno on the computer

Uno has been a popular card game with players of all ages for years. The only downside to the game is that it requires at least two players. When you want to play a round or two of Uno but have no one to play with, online versions and video game adaptations are your best options.

Online Multiplayer Uno Games

MSN Games

To jump right in and play Uno at MSN Games, go to the Quick Match option and let the MSN engine find an opponent for you. If you are rated they will match you up with someone as close to your rating as they can find. You can also play with friends online with up to four players per game, or play against the computer. Choose Rated Game Mode to start moving up the ranks, or Standard Mode for more casual play. You can use MSN Messenger to locate and invite your chat list friends to play with you as well. You must register for a free account to play the game.

Memory Improvement Tips

Memory Improvement Tips has a three-player version of the game where you play against two virtual players in this computers-against-human version. The one drawback to the game is when you play it the first time, you are forced to sit through nearly a minute of instructions.

Facebook & Apps

Mattel, owner of Uno, has created an app for Facebook called Uno & Friends -- you can sign in to play or just play as a guest. If you sign in you can play against your Facebook friends. The app also has a reward feature built into the game which grows as you remain undefeated. You can customize the cards and the game background. The game can also be played over 3G or Wi-Fi with Apple or Android apps, or you can download the game to play on your PC.

Xbox Live & Wii

Although both games were previously available on these popular gaming systems, both have been discontinued. The games can still be played on the older gaming systems, but since support for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service was discontinued in 2014 and the game was delisted from Xbox Live the same year, playing online is no longer an option.

Play Uno Anytime

Whether you use a computer, a console, or your phone, your Uno fix can be satiated with a couple of clicks of your mouse or your keypad. Gather your friends in person or electronically, or play with strangers from around the world. Just don't forget to yell "UNO!" when you get to your last card.

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Play Multiplayer Uno Online