How to Play Risk: A Strategy Game (+ Winning Tips)

Get the game of Risk at Amazon
Get the game of Risk at Amazon

How do you want to play Risk strategy game? Read on and find out more about the history, rules and gameplay tips.

About Risk

Albert Lamorisse, a French movie director, developed the original idea of Risk in 1950. It was first published by the Miro Co. in 1957 in France under the name "La Conquete du Monde" (Conquest of the World).Parker Bros, who had strong ties with Miro published it with some slight variations and changed the title to Risk Continental Game in 1959. The title was then changed again in 1996 to Risk: The Game of Global Domination.

How to Play Risk Strategy Game

The Napoleon era political map of the world inspired this turn-based board game. Risk can be played from 2 - 6 players. The game board is divided into 42 territories grouped into six continents. Each player had control of their own armies with a goal of capturing all territories by eliminating all other players.

Each player has six sets of armies broken up into infantry, calvary, and artillery separated by individual color to distinguish them from opponents. There are 5 dice available, 2 for defense and 3 for the attacker. A set of Risk cars also is included in the game, which are used as a reward if a player completes a successful attack on their opponent.

Setup and Rules

To begin, in a game of 3 to 6 players, each takes turns placing armies on territories until they are all filled. Then the remaining army pieces are then placed strategically to strengthen existing player controlled territories. Note: To play the Risk strategy game with 2 players, Risk cards will be used to determine where armies are placed. Player Turn Sequence

  1. Piece Distribution- During the player's turn reinforcements are added. Additional pieces are also received based on the number of territories controlled. One army is received for every three territories (minimum of 3). Depending on the continent controlled, the player will receive a specific number of army pieces. Asia (7), North America and Europe (5), Africa (3), Australia and South America (2).
  2. Attack Phase-Next, player then has the option to attack to gain territories and a Risk card. Attacks can only take place if the attacker and defender are in adjacent positions. The outcome is determined by dice roll with the attacker having a maximum of 3 dice and the defender with 2. Each roll is one attack. If the attacker is successful and defeats all opponent's armies in the territory, they must keep at least one army in the original attacking territory and in the new area. In addition, the successful attacker can get a Risk card.

Winning the game: If you are successful in eliminating all the other opponents and have control of the entire world, you win!! Congratulations!!

Risk Strategy Tips

  • Obtain control of Australia or South America early in the game and build up their armies. After your forces are built up and you see potential weakness in your opponent, it is time to strike.
  • Asia is the largest continent and difficult to defend. Avoid taking control of it too soon since there are many different sides it can be attacked from.
  • When you play the Risk strategy game, get an extra advantage with Risk cards. Try and take control of a territory every turn even if you think you may lose it the next turn. With a larger amount of cards (5 maximum), you can receive the most reinforcements in one shot.
  • Try to eliminate a weak player that holds a lot of Risk cards, since you obtain them once they are defeated.

The game of Risk is an excellent strategy game with a goal of global domination. Since the 1950's, it has been a popular board game favorite. Can you conquer the world? Build up your armies, plan your moves carefully, and roll the dice to see how the battle unfolds.

By Sheila Robinson

How to Play Risk: A Strategy Game (+ Winning Tips)