Pressman's Office Trivia Board Game: What to Expect

Amazon has the Office game
Amazon has the Office game

If you are a fan of the hit comedy The Office that airs on NBC, then the Pressman Office game is right up your alley.

The Office in a Cubicle Nutshell

There are many of us that live out our long workdays in cubicle farms. It is this way of office life that inspires the hilarity and good natured off the wall humor found on The Office.

Starting out as a hit show on the BBC and then reworked for the American audience, The Office stars Steve Carell (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Get Smart) and Rainn Wilson (The Rocker, Six Feet Under and The Last Mimzy) among others. This group of characters work in a fictional branch of Dunder-Mifflin in Scranton, PA, which can be described as a sort of live action version of Dilbert.

The cast consists of mostly unknown actors and comics known for their improvisational skills. There is no studio audience or laugh track which leaves it to the television viewer to laugh as well as a lot of pressure on the cast.

Pressman Office Game

Cubicle War

The Pressman Office game is set in the Scranton branch office from the television show. It is a quadrant based trivia board game where you move your piece from cubicle to cubicle. As you move around the office and enter cubicles, you answer trivia questions about the episodes, behind the scenes stuff and quirky characters. You win the game by successfully moving through the office answering the questions correctly in order to win the coveted "Dundie" award (as seen on the show).

Features of the Game

The Pressman Office game is a very straightforward trivia game that is more fun than your traditional trivia fare and consists of the following:

  • Move your piece from cubicle to cubicle, answering questions about the television series.
  • Be the first player to move his or her piece through each cubicle, successfully answering questions.
  • Win the game by successfully capturing the prized Dundie award.
  • Play is for 3 to 6 players from older teens to adults.

What's in the Box

The office is a fun place to work, although sometimes uncomfortable in a creepy way. The game includes the following supplies in order to make your workday more enjoyable:

  • Game board modeled after the office set
  • 700+ trivia questions on 500 cards
  • "Support the Rabid" bracelet (given as a prize to the winner until next game)
  • 36 collection tokens
  • 18 conference room tokens
  • Dunder-Mifflin answer pad
  • Spinner card with spinner
  • Dive with label sheet
  • 6 movers with stands
  • Michel mover
  • Rules

Where to Buy

The popularity of the show and the fact that it is backed by the Pressman Toy company means you can find the game at virtually any store. Begin by trying at your local Wal-Mart or a similar store. You can also pop on the Internet to buy from those stores. If you are looking for a deal, then try to find it on eBay.

Suggestions to Make Playing More Fun

Board games are fun, but you can make them more of an event rather than just something to do because you're bored. What follows are a few suggestions to make your experience more fun!


The Office is chic geek television at its best. When you choose your game piece, get into that character. Pretend you are about to play The Office trivia game as though you were about to play Dungeons and Dragons. Talk like the character, adapt his or her mannerisms and just have a good time with it.

Office Geek Dress-up

Who doesn't like to play dress-up? Maybe you aren't good at playing pretend and acting like the characters from the show so dress the part. Anyone can slide on a pair of slacks and nice button down shirt. Dress the part and act if you like, but just have fun.

Office Christmas Party

Pretend you are throwing an office Christmas party! Hang decorations, get a fake tree and put on your best casual work attire. Make it a potluck dinner and turn on some great Christmas jingles. Pop in a couple episodes of The Office while you're at it before sitting down for a stupored up round of the Pressman Office game.

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