Romantic Board Games: Suggestions to Deepen Your Connection


Romantic board games can be a fun way to bring a little rejuvenation to a relationship, no matter if you are a newlywed or about to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. There are many games available for purchase, whether you choose to shop online or at your favorite store. If you're feeling creative enough, you can even make your own.

What to Look For in Romantic Board Games

When you are shopping for romantic board games, you will encounter many different options. Some games are geared toward enhancing physical intimacy, while others foster a stronger emotional connection. Still further, some games are geared toward couples of any age and stage of relationship, while others are reserved for married folks, engaged couples, or those just casually dating. For this reason, your relationship should be well defined and equal in understanding on both sides before choosing a game to play. The last thing you want is a game complicating your real romantic life!

Casual Dating Games

Perhaps your friend asked you to go on a double date, or you will be meeting several other couples for dinner at someone's home. Whatever the occasion, if you are involved in a casual relationship and want to play a fun game, try To Know You Better, which is available through Since it's a bit pricey, consider asking for people to pull money together to purchase it, much like a potluck style event. With endearing questions such as "who is most likely to make you laugh" and a judging system where the winner chooses the next date and the loser plans it, the game is low pressure and enjoyable for everyone.

Further Intimacy

For serious couples in a committed relationship, Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion could be just what you're looking for to bring more romance and excitement into your dating life. Based upon the cliché teenage game of truth or dare, in which individuals must choose between answering a truth telling question or completing an embarrassing or outlandish "dare" activity, this couple's version includes dice and a deck of cards, where lovers are encouraged to discover each others' deepest passions and to pass the time in fun and sexy ways.

Another winning game is Nookii, which encourages mature adults to look at romance in a whole new way. Three categories are presented: Mmm, Ooh and Aah, and a roll of the dice dictates how long you spend on the chosen activity. From playful to extremely sexually intimate, this game is for those in a committed, mature relationship, and you're sure to enjoy the ending results.

Re-Creating Games

If you do not like the above recommended games, or cannot find an amusement that works well for you, you can also take a classic board game and turn it into something romantic. Pull out your old box of Candyland, Monopoly, or any card game you have on hand, and add a romantic twist to it. Choose actions or edifying words to share with each other, from the playful to intensely intimate, and you just created your own game to enjoy in private. You can even make your own game from scratch, spending hours designing and playing it when you're through.

Romantic board games are a wonderful way to reconnect with your lover or spouse, and the results of intimacy and closeness can be an example and provide inspiration to other couples who may be struggling with some issues within their relationship. However above all else, board games focusing on all aspects of romance are fun and a great way to spend a cold Saturday night indoors with the one you love.

Romantic Board Games: Suggestions to Deepen Your Connection