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Word generators for Scrabble are becoming more common as online and mobile versions of the popular word game are gaining users. These tools let people plug in the letters they have and see what words they can make to stay in the game. While official Scrabble rules do not sanction the use of such generators during game play, they are good for practice and for noncompetitive play.

Word Generators Online

Using a word generator or anagram tool while playing Scrabble is considered cheating, though this is by far the most common reason people seek them out. Still, they can be handy to find out if the word you want to use is indeed an acceptable word. Kids will find these generators helpful as well, especially if they are playing a game with adults and want to even the playing field. When you're down to only a handful of tiles or have unusual letters, it's very tempting to use an anagram tool to find uncommon two-letter words to fit into the puzzle.

Whether you're simply interested in building your vocabulary or you really need a big point boost, these Scrabble word builders can help.

Win Every Game

The word builder at Win Every Game lets you insert up to 12 letters, including a question mark or space for a blank tile. You may also enter prefixes or suffixes. Results are displayed in columns containing the words and number of letters in each word. The longest words are displayed first.

Lexical Word Finder

Lexical Word Finder offers a different perspective on word finding during a Scrabble game. This one has an actual representation of a Scrabble board, and allows you to record your game as you go along. You can then punch word combinations into the board to see if they will work and where they will fit. You can choose traditional Scrabble or one of many of the online and mobile versions of the game, making this tool extremely versatile.

A2Z Word Finder

A2Z Word Finder has multiple word generators, including one for searching partial words. Also handy is a tool that allows you to input your tiles along with the word on the board you would like to play off of. The Word Verfication tool will help you determine if a word you want to play is actually a correct English word.

The Word Finder

The Word Finder is a simple interface that lets you enter the tiles on your rack and add extra strings if you feel some of the letters you have will create a longer word with tiles currently on the Scrabble board. You can also access word lists, such as two-letter words and words with q, to help you become a stronger player.

Scrabble Cheat-O-Matic

The Scrabble Cheat-O-Matic is another worthwhile word generator. With the Cheat-O-Matic, you can choose between three different dictionaries of words. The search engine can only handle one blank tile at a time, so if you have both available blanks in your hand, you will have to leave one out of the mix.

Scrabble Cheat

Probably one of the best-known cheat sites is Scrabble Cheat. Using an official Scrabble word list, you can input the letters you currently have into their search engine, and you will then be given a list of words you can potentially use. Select how you would like a particular letter to be positioned and sort the words by point value for a quick victory.

Hasbro Scrabble Dictionary and Word Builder

Hasbro, the company that makes Scrabble, offers two tools for you to use. Enter a word in the official Scrabble dictionary to see if it is acceptable for the game. Alternatively, enter a few letters or part of a word, and you will quickly be given ideas for complete words that can be made with the letters you have entered.

Scrabble Helper

Scrabble Helper is designed to give word ideas. It uses a very simple interface that includes four steps. Enter your letters, choose an existing word to attach to if desired, select your game dictionary, and submit. Results include standalone words, those you can play on each letter of the word you want to attach to, as well as options to extend the existing word you entered.


The word finder at Anagrammer isn't fancy and the page is riddled with ads. It does offer some advantages, however, including the ability to type in both rack tiles and board tiles with quick results. The handiest feature is that your results can be sorted in various ways, including by score or length of word. You can also check for words containing a specific string of letters.

Keep the Game Fair

Using a word generator can be tempting, especially if you're trying to catch up to an opponent in an online game. To keep things fair across the board, decide with your opponent before the game starts whether these tools will be allowed, and then stick to that decision. While you might get some temporary satisfaction from a high-scoring play, in the end you'll want to win based on your own merit.

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Scrabble Word Generator Tools