Scrabble Words With Q You May Not Have Thought Of

Familiar "Qu" Pairs

Scrabble words with Q are among the most difficult to find, and that is why the letter Q is worth 10 points. If you have any desire to win a game of Scrabble, you really need to learn several Q words.

Everyone is familiar with the words that pair Q and U:

  • Quite
  • Quit
  • Quiet
  • Squire
  • Queer
  • Queen
  • Quarter

Quad: Think Four

Quad means four, and there are a few words that build on that:

  • Quadrangle
  • Quadriplegic
  • Quadriceps
  • Quadruple
  • Quadruplet
  • Quadrant

Quack and Other Common Qu Words

Quack is a common word with the popular "qu" pairing. Here are a few others:

  • Quake
  • Squid
  • Quarry
  • Earthquake
  • Quart
  • Quail
  • Quaint


It's the layout of your keyboard, and it's also an accepted scrabble word with Q: QWERTY. The plural is Qwertys.

Qadi: Muslim Judge

The Islamic world makes good use of the letter Q, and that's great news for Scrabble enthusiasts. Qadi is an Islamic judge. The plural form is Qadis.

Other Q words from the Muslim world are Qaid and Qaids.

Qoph: Hebrew Letter

Qoph is a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The plural form is Qophs.

Faqir: Look to the Hindu World

Many of the words that use Q without a U hail from other lands or other cultures. "Faqir" is one example. It means a Hindu monk. The plural is Faqirs.

Qindar: Albanian Currency

Qindar is a form of Albanian currency, and it's also a high scoring Scrabble word with Q. Plural is Qindarka or Qindars.

Qi: Chinese Influence

Qi is a name for life energy in Chinese philosophy.

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Scrabble Words With Q You May Not Have Thought Of