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Senior Moments Board Game

Any age can play the Senior Moments game.

The Senior Moments board game was designed to test the memories of both older players with good memories and younger players with "not so good" memories and everyone in between. It's great fun for two or more players, age 12 and older. This can be the perfect gift for parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents or for a particularly fun gift for a friend's special birthday - like the 50th or the 60th!

Senior Moments for Everyone

Sometimes our memory just doesn't seem to be in full gear. We might forget basic information like the names of certain family members who we haven't seen in a long time or forget where we put our car keys earlier in the day. This temporary, often frustrating, loss of short-term memory can happen to anyone at any age, but it has earned the name of a "senior moment."


The Senior Moments board game was first published in 2005 by TDC Games, an Illinois company founded in 1984 by two writers, Larry Balsamo and Sandra Bergeson. Larry and Sandra wanted to create innovative board games "with a zany twist." They have introduced games such as Dirty Minds and a customizable Monopoly game called "Make Your Own-Opoly."

Playing the Senior Moments Board Game

This fun memory game includes hundreds of lists to test a player's memory, so it is a fun game for all ages. It's a great way to test memory, regardless of the age of the players. It makes an entertaining, ice-breaker game for all ages at family gatherings and parties. It can be a really unique hostess or birthday gift, particularly if the recipient is over 40!

The Senior Moments game is enjoyable way to exercise your memory, a practice that many seniors find is essential for their mental health. So, if you are not into Sudoko puzzle books, consider getting a group of friends together for a face-paced game of Senior Moments. For more great game ideas for seniors, check out LoveToKnow Seniors. A special note: This is not a good game for those who are already experiencing memory loss, since it will only add to their frustrations.

How to Play

During their turn, each player is given a list with a series of things to remember such as a list of colors like:

  • Sky blue
  • Sunshine yellow
  • Espresso brown
  • Cotton white
  • Mold green

Players take turns reciting the lists they have memorized. The more they remember from their lists, the more a player can move their marker around the board.

The play is never dull. Players might land on a spot requiring them to draw a wild card. Instructions on the wide cards can help a player move quickly forward or can reverse their direction. There are also instructions for various levels of difficulty, which makes this a great game for all ages and all levels of memory!

Winning the Game

The winner is the first player to move across the board and find their lost keys.

Game Pieces

Each game includes:

  • Game board
  • Hundreds of memory lists
  • 46 Senior Moment cards
  • 8 Lost Key cards
  • 2 game booklets
  • Colored markers
  • 1 die

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Senior Moments Board Game