7 Sex Board Games You May Not Have Heard Of

Want to rekindle love and sex? Try a board game.

If you're looking to add a little something new to your bedroom activities, you may want to look into sexy, couple-friendly board games. There are a number of options out there, ranging from the suggestive to the participatory. Not all sex games will be fun or comfortable for all couples; you need to understand the premise behind the game to determine if it will be the right game for you.

Not For the Faint of Heart

If you started your game-playing life with rousing games of Candyland and Twister, participated in life role-playing games like Monopoly and Life, and then graduated to thought-provoking games like Pictionary and Chess, you might just be a candidate for adult board games. They are rousing, role-playing, and thought-provoking; plus, they go one step further, helping couples increase their sharing and communication.

Couples who enjoy sexual stimulation and the combination of competition with sexual closeness might find sex games to be a helpful and enjoyable part of their love-making. But sex games are not for everyone. Some couples might find the overt sexual references too embarrassing.

Games to Try

If you're new to the world of sexy games, choose a title that's right for the preferences and comfort level for both you and your partner. If you've played them before, mix things up with another game from the following options.


Nookii is the sex board game without the board. You use your body as the game board, stimulating both your senses and sensitive areas. Suggestions come in three levels: Mmm, the warm up level; Ooh, mini role plays and physical interaction; and Aah, the most advanced level. Nookii is recommended by several outlets including Thirty Dollar Date Night and Mr. Kink.


Embrace allows players to tailor-make the level of intimacy they are going to experience as they move across the board during the game. There are four levels: Romantic (Lovey Dovey), Sexual Intimacy (Close Encounters), Hot Sex (Sexstacy), and Extreme Sex (Hard Core). Players take turns telling their sexually intimate thoughts, sharing their fantasies, and performing sensual challenges. The level of intimacy determines the level of sexuality in the game. One Extraordinary Marriage recommends Embrace as one of the 11 best sex board games for married couples.

Romantic Rendezvous

Romantic Rendezvous offers over 120 activities to share. The game is designed so that by completing these activities together, partners will grow closer and enjoy being together through love, intimacy, and adventure. It combines both a classic "roll the dice and move along the board" game with a card game. This is a great game for couples who are dating, living together, or married, and can be played over and over again due to the number of activity cards included.


XXXopoly is the sexy answer to the standard Monopoly game. Roll the dice and buy a sexual act. Every time your partner lands on your space, they have to perform that sexual act. The game includes a variety of cards -- hot and heavy, erotic chest, time chips, and strip spaces. Some of the specialty spots around the board include strip teases, red-light districts, and even an S&M chamber. Couples like how freeing XXXopoly is, and how it takes them out of their comfort zones, as noted by a Redbook Magazine reviewer.


The KamaSutra game is designed to open up communication between partners and improve their sex lives by introducing partners to new ideas included in the KamaSutra, a thousand-year old guide for lovers. Players roll the dice to tell them how many squares they need to move to receive their instructions, such as "Kiss your lover passionately and then pick a card." Activity cards provide methods of touch, foreplay, and massage, and Position cards portray the sexual positions found in the KamaSutra.


The Monogamy game's tagline is 'A Hot Affair with your Partner.' There are over 390 ideas and actions designed to really spice things up with your partner. No matter whether you've been together several months or several years, Monogamy will remind both of you why you fell for each other in the first place.

Dirty Minds

Dirty Minds is called the "World's Cleanest Dirty Game," and is considered the best selling adult board game of all time. The suggestive clues lead players into sometimes revealing answers which may also lead to revealing activities. Dirty Minds is great for just one couple or a fun party game for more couples, as the more people who play, the more entertaining the answers can become. Pick a card and read the clue. The dirtier your mind is, the worse you will be at this game, but therein lies the fun! The original game comes with 304 sets of naughty clues and clean answers. Couples on the go can try the Dirty Minds Smartphone game app available from iTunes.

Choosing the Right Sex Board Game

The idea of buying a sex board game might seem a bit intimidating, but sit down with your partner and look at the options. Choose one that doesn't involve too much intimacy if you're feeling unsure about the more racy ones. No matter which game you choose, it will get you both talking and enjoying yourselves in the bedroom.

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7 Sex Board Games You May Not Have Heard Of