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Ideas for Pictionary

Kid Story Ideas for Pictionary

Pictionary is a great game that challenges intuitive thinking and artistic skill, and creating different ideas for Pictionary can add life to your games. The first idea is to have a nursery rhyme game using stories for children as your categories such as "Three Blind Mice" as this image represents.

Horticulture Pictionary Ideas

Playing Pictionary and creating games around certain themes can increase the playability of the game. Adding your own categories will also let you take the game on the road to groups of people or societies. The above Pictionary word is "Bouquet" and can be part of a horticulture or wedding themed game.

Horoscope, Oceanography or Food

There are many people that are into astrology. The image here is that of a crab - or Cancer. It could also be used in a game theme dealing with oceanography or sea life and even food.

The Urban Jungle

Life in the city isn't all it's cracked up to be, but it can make a great theme for a Pictionary party. From gang banger and bling bling to this image; downtown, the game of Pictionary can have a great time using the urban jungle as a theme.

Medical Satire Pictionary Theme

Though medical conditions often aren't funny, the way people can draw them could be downright hilarious. As with the idea here: Mad Cow Disease. The affliction is no laughing matter, but the way to draw it is humorous. This also makes for a very difficult category or theme.

Geek Pictionary

Geeks have become a new fashion trend, and it's now cool to be geeky! From pop culture to computer terms, geek pictionary could be fun for the entire family! The clue idea here, Quickbooks, can be one of hundreds upon hundreds of ideas.

More Geek Pictionary

Here is another clue idea for geek pictionary: Search Engine.

Transportation Pictionary

People are into cars, trucks, planes and trains, and a pictionary theme dedicated to transportation and machinery is certainly a different way to play. The image here is but one idea for a clue: Rescue Helicopter.

Fun Phrases

Fun phrases Pictionary can include all sorts of things and can even be regional based on your local sayings. This image is entitled: "Sign of the Times" and is definitely a more advanced clue.

Sports Pictionary

There are many Pictionary ideas that you can come up with! There many theme nights you could do with this versatile and fun game. The image here could be part of a sports inspired game as it is the popular phrase "Timeout!".

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Ideas for Pictionary