What the Balderdash Game Does for Strategy Lovers

Laura Robinson, one of the inventors of Balderdash, talks about strategy board games.

Kids and adults alike love strategy games, but unfortunately many families have lost the art of sitting around the living room playing games together. Does your family have a game night? If not, why not start one today? There are numerous games available that you and your family can enjoy together, and more games are being created each year! In fact, LoveToKnowGames is always scouring the Internet for new games to discuss and searching for game inventors to interview. We've found one such inventor that we think you'll love to know!

Laura Robinson is one of the original inventors of Balderdash which has sold over ten million games worldwide. Ms. Robinson shares some insight into strategy games, including games her family loves and information on her newest game invention, Identity Crisis.

Please tell us about yourself

I'm an actress-inventor, married mother of two originally from Canada. I lived in L.A. for 15 yrs and recently moved back to Toronto. I was a regular on several television series and also did guest-starring roles on shows such as Cheers and Frasier. Games have always been my passion. My newest game, Identity Crisis: The Funniest Game about Famous Names is launching nationally through Borders as we speak!

Coming from a big family, we always hosted Christmas at our house, and we always played games together then!

What influenced you to create Balderdash?

I used to play a parlor game called Dictionary with my family. Balderdash is based on that game. A few years ago I got hooked on another homemade parlor game called Celebrity, and that's what inspired Identity Crisis. I am also excited to say that we are in development with a major U.S. network on a fantastic television game show version of Identity Crisis.

What Is Balderdash?

Balderdash is a bluffing game, where players write phony definitions and answers to strange words and other categories! We have sold over 10 million copies of the game, and it is sold in 17 countries worldwide. I joke to my friends that I have been selling laughter for twenty years, but it really is a great feeling to know that families all over the world are having fun playing something I helped to create.

What do people typically look for in strategy games?

I think they look for something to challenge their brains.

What are some of your favorite strategy games, and why?

My kids and I love Blokus, and a game called Stratego - we have an old copy from my husband's childhood.

Can strategy games actually help improve people's problem solving skills?

Yes, definitely, and in a fun way. I heard it said once that "people learn best when they don't know they are learning" - and people, kids and adults alike, learn so much from playing games: critical thinking, creativity, social interaction, being a good loser as well as a winner, all sorts of stuff. That's why I love games.

Do you have any other information or advice you'd like to share with our readers?

I think that's it - have fun and thanks for giving me a chance to talk about my two creations - Balderdash and Identity Crisis, and happy gaming, everyone!

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What the Balderdash Game Does for Strategy Lovers